Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ranseur (USA) - Cracked Castle

A quick review: Ranseur give us clunky, awkward and simplistic Dungeon Synth with a prominent backing of white noise. I have a nagging suspicion this is the product of a joke aimed at those (like me) who enjoy lo-fi DS, but it greatly appeals to my perverse streak nevertheless; I have a strange love of clumsy "outsider" music (I am after all the world's biggest fan of Varghkoghargasmal).

Love the scribbled cover art too.

Ranseur - "Cracked Castle" (2013)

1. On Dangerous Paths
2. Alchemist's Riddle
3. Souls of the Dead
4. Corruption and Treachery

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Other Life (UK) - Hate Alone Is Not Enough

Other Life is a new industrial/noise project formed by Reece Thomas Green, vocalist for Folkestone-based BM act Sorg (see previous post). For the time being this 4 track demo is available only as free download on the Soundcloud page, but there are plans for a CD/cassette release in the imminent future.

I'm not 100% certain of the exact order of the tracks; I'm assuming the oldest track comes first, with the newest track last; however I feel that the reverse would make a better running order. My favourite track here is "Blue Figures", which is constructed from a simple but evocative melody over a relatively subdued hum, that reminds me of early Magnétophone. "Hate Alone Is Not Enough" and "Aokigahara" are more standard noise fare, with sheets of distortion and feedback evoking classic Merzbow and Kent noise act Slugbait. "Empty Factories" is another more ambient affair, with a hypnotic 2-note distorted feedback figure repeating over and over before being swamped by the background scree.

Other Life - "Hate Alone Is Not Enough" (2013)

1. Blue Figures
2. Hate Alone is Not Enough
3. Aokigahara
4. Empty Factories
(uncertain track order)

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