Sunday, 20 April 2008

CERECLOTH (UK) -- "Encrusted In An Oaken Legend" 7" (1993) + "Godless Passages" demo (1992)

For my first music post, I've gone for an absolute lost classic of the Underground. CERECLOTH (pronounced "seer-cloth", not "ker-e-cloth") was the band that showed me what great music there was to be found in the Underground scene, as well as what could be achieved by mixing styles of music. The music on "Encrusted In An Oaken Legend" is a mixture of tight and technical MORBID ANGEL-style Death Metal (plus some Doom/Death touches) with SKYCLAD-esque Folk Metal riffs. Compared to today's polished Pagan / Folk Metal achievements it is perhaps a little rough round the edges, but at the time this was without comparison. Whilst the Folk element is simple and slightly naive, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. The Folk influence is less noticeable on "Godless Passages", released a year earlier, but it is still a worthy demo.


"Encrusted In An Oaken Legend" 7" (1993)

1. Encrusted In An Oaken Legend
2. Beautiful Lying Faces

"Godless Passages" demo (1992)

1. Thorns Have Crowned
2. Rejoice The Old Path
3. Godless Passages

320 kps
Cover scans included

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