Sunday, 5 September 2010

Meathook Seed (USA) -- "Embedded" (early mix)

Fantastic Industrial Metal project featuring Obituary members. This is the unfinished mix accidentally released on the first pressing. As Metal Archives explains:

When Earache initially released 'Embedded' they accidentally pressed a different version of the album to the 'official' release. This incorrectly issued version appears to be an early unfinished mix, and with the exception of last track 'Sea Of Tranquility' every track sounds noticably different to the official pressing, with this earlier version missing numerous samples and effects and containing material edited out of the final mix. Only 500 copies were pressed by mistake. These 'early mix' CDs are visually identical to the official CD release and can only be identified by contrasting the audio (an easy way to spot the difference is with the opening seconds of opening track 'Famine Sector': on the 'early mix' version there are no bass notes overlaying the opening drum machine beat).

I didn't realise until recently that my copy was this early mix, and having heard the finished version, I think I prefer this one -- a bit rawer and less samples.

Meathook Seed -- "Embedded" (early mix) (1993)

01. Famine Sector
02. A Furred Grave
03. My Infinity
04. Day Of Conceiving
05. Cling To An Image
06. A Wilted Remnant
07. Forgive
08. Focal Point Blur
09. Embedded
10. Visible Shallow Self
11. Sea Of Tranquility


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hollow Bone (Swz) -- "Sacer" LP

Hollow Bone is the new post-Industrial solo project of ex-Nàda guitarist/vocalist/percussionist Remo Seeland (both of Nàda's fantastic albums can be downloaded from this blog -- "Celmètra" and "Ùr"). Hollow Bone does contain certain echoes of Nàda's dark and earthy Industrial forging, but whereas Nàda was a brutal, primal roar, Hollow Bone is a subtle midnight whisper, much more introspective and nocturnal, with an atmosphere of gothic Psychedelia. I am still exploring the full depths of the music, but I am certainly finding it a great listen.

This album is available on limited vinyl, or to stream/download from here:

Info (MySpace)

One (UK) -- "Grass Roots" demo

Another 2 song demo, I bought this from a local Ashford music shop back in 1993 when I was still at school. I know little about the band, I never saw them, but I did vaguely know the drummer Neil as he worked in Richard Records, the local independent record shop (now sadly closed thanks to HMV).

Musically, this is bright and positive Funk-driven Psychedelic Rock; vaguely Indie in feel, but with some nice Ozrics-style guitar here and there, very much in keeping with other notable Kent bands at the time like Mind Octopus and Crow. Professionally played and recorded, although the female vocals do occasionally stray on the iffy side.

Info -- Kent Band Archive

One -- "Grass Roots" demo (1993)

1. Mary Jane
2. Change

Monday, 23 August 2010

Olga (USA) -- Demo 1998

A very obscure and pleasant little discovery in my demo collection -- I have no recollection of hearing this until now, and I'm not sure where I got it, though I suspect it was in a bulk-buy from a distro many years ago. It's a short demo, just over four and a half minutes over two tracks, but I'm absolutely intrigued by the music within -- simple, hypnotic acoustic guitar lines underlaid with strange and eerie synth sounds and textures. I suppose Neo-Folk/Dark Ambient would be the closest label to apply.

I managed to track down the man behind Olga, and apparently this was the only release; but he has recently resurrected the project under the new name of Goldhail, venturing in a more Post-Rock/Shoegaze direction. He also plays in a great Alt-Rock/Metal band called The Nolan Gate. Check them both out.

As for now, however, the Olga demo is highly recommended. 4 minutes of intriguing and mysterious music.

Olga -- demo (1998)

1. Damnation
2. Spirits

Friday, 20 August 2010

Abraxas (pre-Endura) -- "Hexe"

I thought I had lost this tape, and so was pleased when it came to light. Abraxas is the band that went on to become Dark Ambient/Industrial legends Endura (or Endvra). Really dark, disturbing ambience and soundscapes, with ritualistic chanting and samples of serial killers. Side 1 of this tape (tracks 1-5) was reworked for the first Endura album "Dreams Of Dark Waters", but Side 2 is otherwise unreleased.

I've had a search around, and at the time of writing this seems to be an exclusive.

Abraxas -- "Hexe" cassette (1993)

Side 1

01. Dreams Of Dark Waters
02. Intra-Uterine Sabbat
03. Colours
04. Twilyte Language
05. Nailed To The Cross Of Pluto

Side 2

06. Magdalene
07. Death On Women
08. Cadeau La Mort
09. Fresh Grief Blues
10. Undine

The inlay scans are not mine.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Nancy's Place (UK) -- sample links

Blimey, I haven't posted in almost a year, so I thought I'd help promote Nancy's Place.

Formed 25 years ago in February 1985, Nancy's Place remain a secret band in a world of information, hidden, subversive and totally underground; I have even seen online evidence of people suspecting a hoax. They have self-released an impressive amount of albums in limited editions, and have performed live only 14 times to date. Musically, the band take their cues from Post-Punk and Industrial acts like THROBBING GRISTLE, DEATH IN JUNE, SWANS and JOY DIVISION, exploring the dark depths of the human psyche with music that mixes primal pounding Punk, morbid poetry, fractured electronica, unsettling textures, drones and found sounds.

Nothing to download here, as they have material for sale, but here's some links to their website and two MySpace pages. The second hasn't been updated for a while (forgotten log-in...?), but has a different selection of tracks to sample:

And here's a few video links:

To purchase material, contact the new MySpace page. They also regularly have albums for sale on eBay (seller: