Friday, 9 September 2011

Nàda (Swz) -- "Ùr"

One of my first posts on this blog was Nàda's excellent first album "Celmètra". It was only when I contacted Remo Seeland about his post-Nàda project Hollow Bone that I became aware of this, their second and final album. Remo kindly sent me one of the last copies, and I now share it with you lovely people.

If there is one single band that Nàda can most easily be compared to, it has to be Swans; whilst "Celmètra" can be likened to Swans' early period ("Filth" to "Children of God"), then "Ùr" is comparable to their later work ("Children of God" to "The Great Annihilator"). The early primal raw power has been channelled into a more focussed hypnotic sound. Nàda's music is much more positive in feel than that of Swans, however.

Other suitable points of reference would be Neurosis, plus tribal post-punk acts like Killing Joke, The Banshees and Ausgang. Also prominent is an increased use of ethnic percussion and instrumentation, with mesmerising tribal polyrhythms that actually sound authentic.

This is a phenomenally good album, and I can't understand why it isn't better known.

 Nàda -- "Ùr" CD (1997)

01. Cenaz
02. Sun
03. Prophecy
04. Ichtyos
05. Sirène
06. Snakepit
07. Gaia
08. Apocalypse
09. Heyana
10. Tibet
11. Breath
12. Sunak


For the sake of the search engines out there, here are the names without accents: Nada Ur Celmetra


resonanteye said...

I know this is incredibly old, but a friend just turned me on to these guys and this particular album, I wanted to give it a listen-

but your download link is dead. anywhere I can listen to this? downloading/buying from them would be great, but even getting to hear it would work too!

balbulus said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. Until I sort out a new download host, you can here the whole album at this YT playlist: