Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mind Octopus (UK) -- Demo 1993

Mind Octopus were a Psychedelic Rock band from Ashford, Kent, whose various lineups centered around guitarist Paul Herwin. Also in the band was sax-player Ben Surman, son of legendary Jazz musician John Surman. The band were very prominent in the local music scene during the early-mid 90s, and a great influence on myself (as well as becoming good friends of mine). I picked up this great demo for £1.50 the first time I saw them, an absolute bargain. The music varies across the 3 tracks, ranging from hazy stoner rock, through bright and summery funk, to epic and slow-burning progressive psychedelia. All top-notch stuff.

They later recorded an album ("Music From The Black Smoker") which was largely unreleased. I do have the tracks, but from various different sources, and hence it is a bit mismatched in sound quality. I may post this at a later date.

For now, grab this excellent demo.

Mind Octopus -- Demo 1993

1. Running To The Sun
2. Beach
3. 12 Weeks Gone


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