Sunday, 12 July 2009

Avrocar (UK) -- early singles

Avrocar are a band from Birmingham (UK) who fuse Post-Rock, Psychedelia, Krautrock and Electronica into a sublime and dreamy whole. Eternal washes of guitar texture enhance minimalistic beats and rhythms, with soft murmured vocals.

I also have their debut CD "Cinematography", which I may post once I've established whether or not it is still available to buy.

Info (MySpace)

All tracks now in one RAR file, link at bottom of post.

Avrocar -- "Screen" 7" (1997)

1. Screen
2. Ueno

3. Screen (CD rip)

Track 3 is the CD rip of "Screen" from the "Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm" compilation.

Avrocar -- "Hold" 7" (1998)

1. Hold
2. Barnard's Star

Avrocar -- "Farwest Rider" 7" (1998)

1. Farwest Rider
2. Angel's Amongst Us
3. Christina's World

Avrocar -- "Tetra"

1. Tetra

This is a track from the "Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm" which was also released on "An Earworm Evening" 7"

Avrocar -- Split w/ Magnétophone (1999)

1. Coil

This is just the mp3, the cover scans are in the Magnétophone half of the split (see the Magnétophone post).

All the above singles are now in one RAR file:

Melodium (Fra)

As you may have gathered, I'm having a bit of an Electronica phase at the moment; rediscovering lots of stuff I was into some years ago when I listened to the John Peel show on Radio 1. I was planning to post Melodium's excellent "Silica" 7" EP (pictured above), and had spent the evening cleaning up the tracks on my PC.

However, I've just stumbled across the Melodium website, where for 9 euros you can buy a CDr of his early singles (including "Silica") and compilation tracks entitled "10 years", so I've decided to promote this instead. Also on the website is an extensive mp3 jukebox of selected tracks from Melodium's 10 year career, plus an unreleased EP to download for free. I strongly recommend you visit the website and help support this excellent and prolific artist.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Church Steps (USA) -- "Jewelry" EP

As promised in my last post, here's more from The Church Steps. This release is based more in delicate fragile Post Rock than Electronica. The standout track by far is the hauntingly hypnotic "Mathematical Tongue (live)".

The Church Steps -- "Jewelry" EP (1999)

1. Cal/Kearny
2. LT-5
3. Manchester
4. Warehd
5. Mathematical Tongue (live)

edit: on closer inspection, track 4 may be titled "Wavehd", the artwork is unclear. Discogs has it as "Warehd", but I doubt that's from an official source. I'm now leaning towards "Wavehd". So you may need to alter the mp3 name.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Church Steps (USA) -- Brisbane Cats 7"

Another Electronica/Post-Rock act introduced to me by John Peel, around the same time as Magnétophone (see previous post). An interesting single/EP full of distressed, distorted rhythms, subtle guitar melodies and buried textures. I also have The Jewelry EP CD somewhere, I'll post that when I dig it out.

Info (Facebook page)

The Church Steps -- "Brisbane Cats" 7" (2000)

1. Brisbane Cats
2. Bright Lice
3. Chicago's Lightest Jazz

Monday, 6 July 2009

Magnétophone (UK) -- early singles

Another of my Peel-inspired finds, Magnétophone are an Electronica duo from Birmingham (UK). Ranging from abstract Autechre/Aphex Twin territory through to hazy psychedelic textures a la Boards Of Canada, fusing sputtering rhythms to melancholic synth lines, jittery tape loops and samples.

This smattering of singles was released before they signed to arty indie label 4AD, for whom they have recorded 2 albums (recently posted on the excellent §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ blog).

Reverse order of release.

All tracks are now in one RAR file, link at bottom of post

Magnétophone -- "Temporary Lid" EP (1999)

1. Frankholmes' Drive
2. Double Leopard
3. Temporary Lid
4. I'm In Control Here

Magnétophone -- split 7" w/ AVROCAR (1999)

1. Lights In The Eye

I'm aiming to post some Avrocar stuff soon, so I'll include the Avrocar half of the split then.

Magnétophone -- "Air Methods" 7" (1998)

1. Air Methods
2. Fulm

Magnétophone -- "You Should Write Music" 7" (1998)

1. You Should Write Music
2. Monitor Rocket Science

Note: track 1 has a skip in the middle. Luckily, the track is featured on the "Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm" CD compilation, so I have included the CD rip as track 3.

3. You Should Write Music (CD rip)

All the above singles are now in one RAR file: 

and finally...

Magnétophone / Plone -- Live in Birmingham 24/05/00

This was my introduction to Magnétophone, a live radio broadcast on the John Peel show of a gig featuring Magnétophone, Plone and Broadcast at the Irish Centre in Digbeth, Birmingham. Alas, I no longer have the Broadcast set. The quality isn't perfect, as I was living in an area with poor radio reception. Some great Peel banter before and after. The man was a God.

mp3 (no RAR)



Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Aphex Twin -- Live @ Glastonbury 97

Been listening to Aphex Twin for the first time in ages; he was one of the first Ambient/Techno/whatever artists I got into when I was 17, and is still one of my favourite artists. I found this link online, it's a recording of his set in the Dance Tent at Glastonbury 1997, which was the first time I saw him live. The only thing that puzzles me is that I'm sure I remember him playing "Heliosphan", and it isn't here, so either this is incomplete or my memory is playing tricks with me.

Aphex Twin -- "Live @ Glastonbury 27/06/97"

File is one long mp3 (no ZIP or RAR)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Trial Of The Bow -- "Rite Of Passage"

Trial Of The Bow is an Ambient/Neo-Folk/World Music project of two members of Australian Doom/Death act Disembowelment. This has a rare depth and integrity seldom found in most "side-projects", which suggests that this is no mere flirtation with sounds. Influences from various traditions around the world, including Arabic and Celtic, are melded into a whole that strongly recalls Dead Can Dance. If you took Ulver's "Kveldssanger" album out of the trollforests of Norway and dropped it among the minarets of Istanbul, then it'd probably sound something like this.

Info (label)
Info (MySpace)

This is their only full-length album. I have included a bonus track from the "Release Your Mind vol. 2" compilation, which is actually my favourite of their tracks.

Trial Of The Bow -- "Rite Of Passage" CD (1997)

01. Father Of The Flower
02. Ubar
03. The Promise
04. Serpent
05. The Eyre Of Awakening
06. Ceilidh For The Sallow Ground
07. Muezzin
08. The Court Of The Servant
09. As Night Falls
10. Alizee

11. Borderland (bonus track from "Release Your Mind vol. 2" comp)

Result! I've just found this link to download their previous EP.

Trial Of The Bow -- "Ornamentation" EP (1995)

01. The Two Sacred Tapestries Of Persia
02. Inverloch
03. From The Mountains Of Tangier
04. Ornamentation

It's only 128 kps, but better than nothing. Enjoy!

Leech Woman (UK) -- "33°"

I'm off to see Crust legends Amebix on Thursday, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Leech Woman are one of the supports, so I thought I'd post their 1st album. This is proper Industrial, somewhere between Godflesh, Ministry and Einstürzende Neubauten: harsh, noisy and abrasive, not your slick MTV-friendly NIN or Marilyn Manson stuff. Pounding rhythms, white noise and snarled vocals, all imbued with a gnarly British Punk attitude. It loses direction in places, but when they get going they're immense.

Info (MySpace)

Leech Woman -- "33°" CD (1997)

01. TK421
02. Illuminator
03. Sea Shepherd
04. Spit
05. Tool
06. Fear And Loathing
07. Legion
08. O V A
09. Silicon
10. Intolerance
11. Sea Shepherd (Martin Atkins Remix)
12. untitled

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Relig Oran (UK) -- "The Dark Side" EP

Relig Oran are a fantastic Canterbury (UK) based band whose music takes in the tradition of English, Irish and Breton folk, mixes in the sound of the African kalimba, and adds a contemporary twist. They have requested that I post this for them. This EP is a couple of years old now, and features a different lineup from the current one. The original lineup was :

Andy Renshaw (Kalimba, Bodhrán, Percussion, Bass Pedals)
Gordon Jackson (Vocals, Mandola, Djembe)
Martin Sutcliffe (Melodeon, Bodhrán)

The current lineup is:

Andy Renshaw (Kalimba, Bodhrán, Percussion, Bass Pedals)
Martyn Kember-Smith (Fiddle)
Jem Scott (Guitar, Vocals, Bouzouki)

Info (website)

Relig Oran -- "The Dark Side EP" (2007)

1. Fairwell To Chatham / Emely
2. Ye Mariners All
3. Urra Moor / Morning Star / Boy In The Gap / Willafjord
4. Home By Barna
5. Billy Boy
6. Red Cow / Two Kerry Polkas

During the 90s, Andy Renshaw was a member of another folk/roots act Jacob's Ladder, as well as their more traditional folk incarnation Camine. I'm hoping to post the Jacob's Ladder album in the near future.

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- 3 track promo

The Hofmann Sound are an abrasive Post-Punk band from Folkestone, Kent, and despite them being friends of mine, they're fucking great. There's more stuff to download on their blog, including a gig that I recorded!


The Hofmann Sound -- 3 track Promo (2009)

1. Journey to Nowhere
2. Disconnect
3. Swamp Death

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Brian Howell (Can?) -- "Wind And Wood"

I picked up this little curiosity in a small head shop in Ottawa, whilst on holiday in Canada in 1994. The music found upon this intriguing cassette is a rich exploration of ethnic/tribal influences, including hypnotic percussion, meditative chanting and diverse string and wood instruments from around the world. In fact, I'll list them from the inlay: "Congas and other percussion, dulcimer, kalimba, berimbau, recorder, pan and bamboo flutes, kantele, harmonica, bass and voice."

After much searching I have still not been able to trace the artist responsible for this music. I discovered another Brian Howell in Texas who I thought was the one (he also played a variety of ethnic/folk instruments), but alas it was not he -- for a start he was too young to have recorded this in 1993!. I have however found a few references to a Brian Howell linked to the Black Lodge Singers (a Native American group), and this seems more likely to me. If anyone has any information about this artist, please get in touch.

Brian Howell -- "Wind And Wood" cassette (1993)

1. Sail Trilogy (Awaken / Seek / Horizon)
2. Drum Speak
3. Sideroad
4. Cave Trilogy (The One / Offering / Elements)
5. Hour Glass
6. Bedouin
7. Drum Speak
8. Another Momentum...

Groupa (Swe) -- "Utan Sans"

Excellent Swedish Folk music. I was introduced to this band by some good friends of mine, whose band Jacob's Ladder played a couple of their tunes. This is Groupa's third album, I also have another that I may post at some point soon. (I'm also after their second album "Vildhonung" -- anyone got it?)

Info (website)

Groupa -- "Utan Sans" (1988)

01. Utan Sans
02. Hacklek Och Chokladvals
03. Fastän
04. Blå Svit
05. Gåsmarschen
06. Bastuvalsen
07. Polkett
08. Imeland Och Grimeland
09. Grolåten
10. Avenyschottis
11. Vals

Monday, 11 May 2009

The Flow (UK)

As the inlay states, it's "90 mins of unique music + sound set to Didgeridu background", very hypnotic and meditative. I bought this tape in a New Age shop in Canterbury many years ago, and would dearly love to know more about whoever made it. There is a local Folkestone phone number, but I'm shit on the phone so never plucked up the courage to phone it -- feel free if you want, but bear in mind the tape comes from 1992 so it's probably an old number (plus the dialling code would now be 01303, not 0303!).

The Flow -- "The Flow" cassette (1992)

12 untitled tracks

Pt1 --
Pt2 --

In 2 parts due to large file size.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Discharge -- Live in Folkestone 2006

Anarcho-Thrash/Punk legends Discharge, I made this recording at one of their gigs a few years ago.

Live @ Lanterns, Folkestone (25/05/06)

01. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
02. The Nightmare Continues
03. Never Again
04. Protest & Survive
05. ?
06. Ain't No Feeble Bastard
07. Corpse Of Decadence
08. Beginning Of The End
09. Realities Of War
10. The More I See
11. Cries Of Help Cries Of Pain
12. A Look At Tomorrow
13. They Live You Die
14. Hell On Earth
15. You Take Part In Creating This System
16. War Is Hell
17. Fight Back
18. Decontrol
19. State Violence State Control
(link updated 19/08/10)

Andrew Done -- "Earth Prayer"

Another surprisingly good offering from the New Age realm, this is an album of hypnotic tribal-influenced drumscapes (albeit programmed) augmented here and there by chants, plus some guitar and synth. When it gets going it reminds me in places of Tribal/Trance project The Ambush, who I posted earlier. It does occasionally stray on the side of cheesiness (especially some of the synth sounds) and the sound is overcompressed and slightly distorted, but on the whole this is great stuff.

Andrew Done -- "Earth Prayer" cassette (1992)

1. Medicine Man
2. Elf Dance
3. Free The Rain Forest
4. Crystal Cave
5. Earth Prayer
6. Elements
7. One Tribe
8. Seeds Of Life

(download link dead)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Jesus Fix (UK) -- Demo (1995)

Jesus Fix were more friends of mine, from Whitstable, Kent (UK). Their music is an intense hybrid of Gothic Crust-Punk/Metal, influenced by Amebix, Killing Joke and Motorhead. I may post the rest of their stuff at a later date, but this is their best release in my opinion.

Info (Kent Band Archive)


Demo (1995)

1. Forever
2. Treadmill
3. Dark Ages
4. Token Gesture
(link updated 19/08/10)

Scanxion (UK) -- demos 1990-1994

Scanxion (or Scansion as they later became), were from Romford, Essex (UK), and were a tight and talented band who played interesting and progressive Alternative/Thrash. This is one of those bands whose music takes me right back to being 17 again -- great days. This is highly recommended.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Scanxion (UK) -- demos 1990-1994

All demos in one file

"Poetic Justice" EP/demo (1990)

01. Something Wicked This Way Comes
02. C.B.A.

"On My Own" demo (1992)

03. On My Own
04. Nothing
05. Conclusion

Untitled demo (1992)

06. Sick Sense
07. Learned Helplessness
08. Fading

"Gash" demo (1993)

09. Caprice
10. Scum
11. The End

Extra tracks

12. Splay
13. Left

(link updated 12/04/11)

Innards (UK) -- 2 demos + unreleased tracks

Innards were friends of mine from Ashford, Kent (UK), and played some great old-school Death Metal band with some Sabbath-esque Doom touches. I recently paid to have these demos remastered from the original master tapes, as I felt it was a crime for them to be forgotten. I've also compiled some unreleased live tracks of theirs.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Innards -- "Abdominal Congestion" demo (1992)

1. Gouge Pit
2. Abdominal Congestion
3. The End Is Nigh
4. Cardboard City

Innards -- "Greedmongers" demo (1994)

1. Transparent Lies
2. Mortified Carcass Mess
3. Born To Conform
4. Return

(link updated 24/01/11)

Innards -- unreleased live + rehearsal tracks

1. Hammered
2. Sack Of Shit
3. Icons Of Hate
4. Instrumental
5. The Stench Of Burning Death (REPULSION cover)
6. Neon Christ (NEON CHRIST cover)
7. No One Is Superior (rehearsal)

(link updated 26/01/11)

Moondragon (UK) -- "Dream"

Last week I posted the "Synaesthesia" tape from these Cornish Psych/Punk crusties, so here's an earlier album by them. To my ears it isn't quite as good, being a little unrefined in comparison, but still well worth checking out.

Moondragon -- "Dream" CD (1991)

01. The Blue Boots Dub
02. The Tunnel
03. The Sight
04. The Beer
05. The Drum
06. Whats Going On
07. The Children
08. The Beguiled
09. The Dot
10. The Blue Boots Dub II
11. The Remembrance
12. Space
13. The Hand
14. The Massing
15. Intermission II

Note: this is the tracklisting printed on the inlay, which is inconsistent from track 4 onwards with the actual tracks. I've included a note in the RAR file that explains all...

(link updated 25/08/10)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Tribal Drift (UK) -- Demo 1994

Tribal Drift were an Ethno-Ambient/Trance/Dub group based around the hypnotic sound of the didgeridoo, an instrument I was fascinated by after discovering Crow (I sought out several bands that utilised the didgeridoo in their music, and I'll be posting a few more when I get round to it). After reading about this band in (of all places) NME, I finally saw them play at Glastonbury 1995, in a small tent powered by a guy on a bike!

The band later released a couple of CDs, but these didn't grab me as much as this tape.


Tribal Drift -- Demo tape (1994)

1. Deep In The Belly Of The Earth
2. Shiva
3. Friends, Lovers (Warm Like A Star)
4. Shanty
5. Void
6. Drifting Mixes (Belly/Within You/Ants/Fragile)

(Updated 3/7/10 -- new link)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Electric Sex Circus (UK) -- "Spanner Badge" EP

Electric Sex Circus were a great energetic Alt-Punk band from Bexleyheath, Kent (UK). This was their only official release, but is fairly well known is some circles due to a couple of tracks being included on compilations. The guitarist Phil Avey later played in Tunbridge Wells Post-Rock outfit Unhome, and his cousin Ken played percussion in my old band Elemental.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Electric Sex Circus -- "Spanner Badge" EP (1990)

1. Spanner Badge
2. Soft
3. Cut Your Head Off

No cover, since it is plain black, though it has got advent-style windows. Buggered if I'm scanning THAT...!

I've also included two tracks ripped from their MySpace page:

4. China Chick
5. Flowers And Trees

(link updated 21/0810)

Sarah Wexler -- "Helix"

In my late teens I went through a stage of exploring meditative music. I borrowed this cassette from my Mother, half expecting it to be the usual bland, soulless music normally associated with the New Age genre. She never got it back, as the music contained within is fantastic -- warm, rich and textural, created by flute, tablas and harp. Staring into a candle flame, I would lose myself in a brooding revery...

I have tried to find further information about the artist, but so far have failed.

Sarah Wexler -- "Helix" cassette (1987)

1. Sound Stream
2. Tabla Tracking
3. Helix
4. Aeolus Awakened
5. Ten To Five
6. Bamboo Dreams

(link updated 29/12/10)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Hybernoid -- "The Last Day Begins" (1994)

Another one I've already posted on Lockjaw, but it's such a great album I needed to post it here. Hybernoid were a great and unique band to emerge from the British underground scene of the early 90s, releasing 2 demos and 3 singles before this awesome slab of Industrial Doom/Death with some Gothic influences. This is one of my favourite albums from that period. After this album they ventured into more Ambient/Trance territory.

Info (Metal Archives)

"The Last Day Begins?" CD album (1994)

1. Revery
2. Reality Wave
3. World Of Ruin
4. Ash In The Sky
5. Permafrost
6. Life Fade
7. Akeldama
8. Skin
9. Mind/Liberty

(link updated 22/08/10)

I'm slowly compiling their other releases, I'll post them soon...

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Moondragon (UK) -- "Synaesthesia"

Lockjaw posted this for me a while back, but I thought I'd stick it here too. I saw Moondragon play in a very muddy tent at Glastonbury 1997 (wellies and all!), and was blown away. This is Pagan Psych/Punk with Dub and Folk touches, kind of a punked-up Hawkwind meets Gong meets The Levellers. I'm very much reminded of Whitstable's Crow in places, though with a more light-hearted attitude.

"Synaesthesia" cassette (1996)

1. The Wake
2. X-Say-Lent
3. The Again
4. Euphoric Hysteria
5. Spinnings
6. E-Man
7. Fushwacu
8. The Trip
9. Butterfly

(link updated 08/01/11)

Note: I'm not 100% convinced this is the full album, the inlay says "A taste of..." on the spine, so there may be a longer version of the album somewhere out there...

Edit: I've now also posted their "Dream" CD from 1991.

Dianogah (USA) -- "Hannibal" 7"

Dianogah are a Post-Rock/Math-Rock band from Chicago (USA), who are especially noted for their unconventional lineup (2 bassists and a drummer). I've been a real fan of their material since hearing them on the John Peel show back in 2000, and their 2nd album "Battle Champions" remains one of my favourite albums. I picked up this 7" at one of their gigs in London in February 2001. The B-side is one of the best titles for a track ever.


"Hannibal" 7" (2001)

1. Hannibal
2. A Bear Explains The Right And Wrong Ways To Put On A Shirt, Shoes, Pants And A Cap

(link updated 24/08/10)

Bad Influence (Bel) -- Discography

Bad Influence featured bassist Tim Crow, the only member of Zygote (see previous post) not to have played in Amebix. Nevertheless, this band continued down the same sonic path as its two predecessors, playing dark tribal metallic Crust Punk, though with a hefty dose of punchy Hardcore in the mix. Occasional Antisect-esque spoken rants crop up too, as well as some experimental Industrial tinges.


"New Age Witch Hunt" (1992)

01. Inner Side Of Us
02. Words
03. What Is It
04. My Eyes See
05. Unchained
06. Life Circle
07. Raised Within A Prison
08. 3B
09. Heavy World
10. Heavy World Poem
11. Wake Up
12. Unacceptable


"Afterbirth" (1995)

01. The Fear
02. Destiny
03. When I... Fell Down
04. Domestic Life
05. Trapped In Reality
06. Prophecy Poem (Machine Mix)


"Last Cries" (2001)

01. Last Cry
02. Purity Of Youth
03. Spiritless Heritage
04. Song For My Friends
05. The Free Of Mind
06. Muties As We
07. Mankind Is The Disease
08. Lost
09. Wet Dream
10. Last Cries (Urban Machine Mix)


(links updated 5/8/11)

Zygote (UK) -- "A Wind Of Knives"

Zygote was the band formed by 3 ex-Amebix members (Stig, Spider and George Smutpig) plus bassist Tim Crow (later of Bad Influence). Musically it carried on pretty much where Amebix had left off (i.e. dark tribal metallic Crust Punk), though perhaps with a tad less intensity than before.

Info (Metal Archives)

"A Wind Of Knives" (1991)

1. Motion
2. Scarred
3. In The Red
4. Behold The Man
5. We Are Tomorrow
6. Here Come
7. The Man In The Crowd
8. untitled


(link updated 10/08/11)

This is the CD version, which features 2 extra tracks than the LP. All other versions I've found to download online have been ripped from the vinyl.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tsalborcen (UK) -- "Rituals" (2008)

Another amazing demo... yeah OK, another one of my projects. Tsalborcen was a brief effort to create music that was even more extreme than Church Ruins (see below) -- semi-improvised ritualistic Black/Noise. It ain't pretty, you have been warned. Only a few people have heard this up till now.

"Rituals" demo (2008)

1. I
2. II


This has now been included in the Church Ruins link (see previous post)



Church Ruins (UK) -- 2 demos

Two totally amazing demos by this raw primitive Black Metal project... OK, it's actually mine. Inspired primarily by my local landscape of Romney Marsh, this is very much in the vein of Burzum, but with a ruinous, fragmentary quality that is half intentional and half the result of circumstance. Only one track has vocals, as I'm really not a vocalist or lyricist, the rest is instrumental.


note: both demos are in one file.

"Unfinished Ruins" demo (2006)

1. Astray
2. Black Doom
3. Dirge
4. Sentinel
5. Dust And Ashes

"New Ruins" demo (2008)

1. Church Ruins
2. The Battle Of Eastbridge
3. The Bard's Tale
4. Deliberating The Horde

NOTE: This has now been updated to include the Tsalborcen tracks (see next post)



Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Ambush (Deu) -- "The Ambush"

One of my favourite albums, and one that takes me back to better days. The Ambush was one of many pseudonyms of German Techno artist Oliver Lieb (best known as Spicelab), and explored a stirring combination of hypnotic tribal drum rhythms (programmed obviously), dynamic Ambient House, and sampled chants. I used to listen to this album in the car as a warm-up / come-down for my favourite band Crow's gigs, as it was a perfect accompaniment to their more rock/punk-orientated tribal sounds.

"My Name Is God" is my favourite track here, and is one of my alltime favourite tracks -- really dark, yet uplifting at the same time. "Casablanca", a close second, is by contrast the sound of eternal Summer. Words cannot express how much I love these two tracks.

The only track I can find fault with here is "Jungle Fever" which sounds a little cheesy to my ears, and is the only track where the drums sound unconvincing.

"The Ambush" (1994)

1. Rain
2. Casablanca
3. My Name Is God
4. Terra
5. Jungle Fever
6. Aton
7. Sun

(link updated 5/3/11)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Playground (UK) -- discography

Playground were a cult Post-Punk band from Herne Bay in Kent, formed in 1986. Their sound was an uncompromising and hypnotic mix of pounding rhythms, abrasive guitar noise and shouted vocals; the only comparisons I can think of at the moment are early Amebix and Swans, though no doubt you'll draw your own better ones.

The band existed in 2 distinct phases: In 1989, three of the founder members left to form Splintered, who built upon the Playground template and took it into more cerebral, psychedelic realms of horror. Andy P carried on with the Playground name (sometimes referred to as Playground Mk II), recruiting bassist Patrick Murphy (later of intense Goth/Punks Jesus Fix) alongside a drum machine to create a more Industrial sound reminiscent of Ministry.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Sorry, the links were removed from my MediaFire account.

"Seeking The Truth" 7" (1988)

01. Seeking The Truth
02. Final
03. Violence For Violence Sake

(link removed)

"Sleeping Dogs" MLP (1988)

01. Knife Called Virtue
02. Put In Place
03. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
04. Position
05. Violence
06. No Sympathy

note: the scans for this one came from another version I found on Cactus Mouth Informer, though the music is my own rip.

(link removed)

"Conception Pay Off" 7" (1989)

01. Conception Pay Off
02. Scraped

(link removed)

"Resilience" CD (1991)

01. Hide
02. Inbreds
03. Two
04. A Total Lack Of Sympathy
05. Propriety
06. Victoriapolis
07. Insignificance
08. Deveneration
09. Hateball
10. Calling The Animals
11. Santa Dog
12. Perfect Love
13. Form And Function
14. Sure

This may still be available from Dirter Promotions, though I got my copy on eBay for 29p...

(link removed)