Sunday, 20 March 2011


Ok so it's now time for yet another exclusive. I haven't seen this on any other blog and it's a great rare recording so here I give you Deicide live at the Queen's Hall in Bradford, from 21 years ago! I got this tape through tape trading in around 1991 and it's had a lot of plays from me over the years. It was the bands first ever UK tour after their debut album was released and this gig is mostly famous and remembered by many as it was the night that Glen Benton had his bass stolen. There were also a few Christians that had turned up at the show purely to hurl abuse at Benton and his comrades so as you can imagine, the band were pretty pissed off that night and it obviously shows as Benton roars abuse back at the crowd with no mercy. 
Those of you who were trading at this time will remember the gig, those of you who weren't or are too young to have been a part of those glory days will be more than curious! So hit that download link and grab this great piece of Deicide history. I have cleaned up the sound as best I could although it was never a bad recording in the first place - the guitars are a bit quiet but all in all pretty good sound and one well worth hearing even if it's just to hear Benton lose his rag!
Ripped in 320kps for optimum listening pleasure. Enjoy this one folks.


1) Sacrificial Suicde
2) Lunatic Of God's Creation
3) Dead By Dawn
4) Oblivious To Evil
5) Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
6) Blaspherion
7) Mephistopheles
8) Day Of Darkness
9) Crucifixation
10) Deicide

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Here is another exclusive for the Woodman's Axe. This is an obscure band from the UK called Vomitorium. The band formed in 1994 and as far as I know this is there only release. I cannot find anything on the internet about them and there was no profile on Metal Archives for them, although I have now submitted one.

There are actually 9 tracks on this tape although the inlay only lists 7. If you like obscure Death Metal then this one is certainly for you. It's pretty original sounding stuff and with some great catchy riffs and some original sounding vocals. The production is fairly weak but with a few tweaks on your stereo you can get a pretty good sound. I was sent this tape in 1994 to review in my fanzine Crucifixion and there weren't many made as far as I know, I have never seen it pop up for sale anywhere so grab it here while you can.

Ripped directly from the demo in 320kps and as always, the folder contains a quality scan of the inlay. Enjoy this one...


1) The Flowers That Stank Of Slumber Divine
2) Bloodlust
3) Rhapsody In Blasphemy
4) The Dreams Of Unknown Kadath
5) In The Autumn Sorrow
6) Necrovomiting In The Chapel Of Holy Worship
7) Memories Of A Funeral
8) Untitled
9) Outro