Saturday, 13 August 2011

Original Fling (UK) -- cassettes

Original Fling was a Folk Rock band that were hugely popular on the Kent pub circuit during the 90s, playing a mixture of original, traditional and cover material. There is a huge Pogues influence at work here, along with dashes of The Levellers and The Waterboys, all spiced with a liberal dash of anarchic humour. The band was centered around multi-instrumentalist frontman Kev Smith, and in later years he continued the band as a solo act entitled The Fling, until he sadly died at the end of last year.


These cassettes are from the full lineup era of the band; I also own a couple of later CDs of the duo and solo incarnations, which I may post at a later date.

Original Fling -- "Drink Down" cassette (1992)

01. Buck Your Feet Up
02. Fool Like You
03. Jesse James
04. Oxley Bottom
05. Drink Down
06. Irish Rover
07. Sails In The Wind
08. The Clan
09. Greenland Whale Fisheries
10. Clan William Rd.
11. Chains
12. Hometown

Original Fling -- "Captain Morris EP" cassette (1993)

01. Sails In The Wind
02. Medley
03. Captain Morris
04. Jesse James

Original Fling -- "Put The Tea On" cassette (1996?)

01. The Devil Went Down To Dover
02. Put The Tea On
03. Hero
04. Dirty Old Town
05. Mary
06. Mutiny
07. January 8th
08. Fighting Creed
09. Jailerman
10. The Sleeper
11. Rakes Of Kildare

I am missing a couple of earlier tapes called "Stomp It" and "The Huntsman EP". If anyone has these, please get in touch!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The March (Deu) -- "Conspiracy"

The March play acoustic-based Folk Rock very much in the style of The Levellers and The Pogues, with occasional forays into dynamic post-punk territory. This CD was introduced to me by a guy who thought it was a side project featuring members of The Levellers and New Model Army, and it certainly sounds as if that could have been the case. However, having managed to track down an original copy of the CD, that appears to not be true; the band appears to have been German, though the music and the vocals sound very English indeed.

The March -- "Conspiracy" CD (1995)


01. Furore
02. Marching Song
03. Freedom
04. Refugee Waltz
05. Under The Gun
06. A Place Called Home
07. Conscience
08. Summerwind
09. Down To Size
10. The Darkest Night
11. Ignorance
12. Beggar's Tune
13. Peasants' March
14. Workers' Song
15. Dance
16. The Spark
17. When The World Is Dying


As there seems to be no info available on the band, here is the info page from the inlay: