Thursday, 30 April 2009

Moondragon (UK) -- "Synaesthesia"

Lockjaw posted this for me a while back, but I thought I'd stick it here too. I saw Moondragon play in a very muddy tent at Glastonbury 1997 (wellies and all!), and was blown away. This is Pagan Psych/Punk with Dub and Folk touches, kind of a punked-up Hawkwind meets Gong meets The Levellers. I'm very much reminded of Whitstable's Crow in places, though with a more light-hearted attitude.

"Synaesthesia" cassette (1996)

1. The Wake
2. X-Say-Lent
3. The Again
4. Euphoric Hysteria
5. Spinnings
6. E-Man
7. Fushwacu
8. The Trip
9. Butterfly

(link updated 08/01/11)

Note: I'm not 100% convinced this is the full album, the inlay says "A taste of..." on the spine, so there may be a longer version of the album somewhere out there...

Edit: I've now also posted their "Dream" CD from 1991.

Dianogah (USA) -- "Hannibal" 7"

Dianogah are a Post-Rock/Math-Rock band from Chicago (USA), who are especially noted for their unconventional lineup (2 bassists and a drummer). I've been a real fan of their material since hearing them on the John Peel show back in 2000, and their 2nd album "Battle Champions" remains one of my favourite albums. I picked up this 7" at one of their gigs in London in February 2001. The B-side is one of the best titles for a track ever.


"Hannibal" 7" (2001)

1. Hannibal
2. A Bear Explains The Right And Wrong Ways To Put On A Shirt, Shoes, Pants And A Cap

(link updated 24/08/10)

Bad Influence (Bel) -- Discography

Bad Influence featured bassist Tim Crow, the only member of Zygote (see previous post) not to have played in Amebix. Nevertheless, this band continued down the same sonic path as its two predecessors, playing dark tribal metallic Crust Punk, though with a hefty dose of punchy Hardcore in the mix. Occasional Antisect-esque spoken rants crop up too, as well as some experimental Industrial tinges.


"New Age Witch Hunt" (1992)

01. Inner Side Of Us
02. Words
03. What Is It
04. My Eyes See
05. Unchained
06. Life Circle
07. Raised Within A Prison
08. 3B
09. Heavy World
10. Heavy World Poem
11. Wake Up
12. Unacceptable


"Afterbirth" (1995)

01. The Fear
02. Destiny
03. When I... Fell Down
04. Domestic Life
05. Trapped In Reality
06. Prophecy Poem (Machine Mix)


"Last Cries" (2001)

01. Last Cry
02. Purity Of Youth
03. Spiritless Heritage
04. Song For My Friends
05. The Free Of Mind
06. Muties As We
07. Mankind Is The Disease
08. Lost
09. Wet Dream
10. Last Cries (Urban Machine Mix)


(links updated 5/8/11)

Zygote (UK) -- "A Wind Of Knives"

Zygote was the band formed by 3 ex-Amebix members (Stig, Spider and George Smutpig) plus bassist Tim Crow (later of Bad Influence). Musically it carried on pretty much where Amebix had left off (i.e. dark tribal metallic Crust Punk), though perhaps with a tad less intensity than before.

Info (Metal Archives)

"A Wind Of Knives" (1991)

1. Motion
2. Scarred
3. In The Red
4. Behold The Man
5. We Are Tomorrow
6. Here Come
7. The Man In The Crowd
8. untitled


(link updated 10/08/11)

This is the CD version, which features 2 extra tracks than the LP. All other versions I've found to download online have been ripped from the vinyl.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tsalborcen (UK) -- "Rituals" (2008)

Another amazing demo... yeah OK, another one of my projects. Tsalborcen was a brief effort to create music that was even more extreme than Church Ruins (see below) -- semi-improvised ritualistic Black/Noise. It ain't pretty, you have been warned. Only a few people have heard this up till now.

"Rituals" demo (2008)

1. I
2. II


This has now been included in the Church Ruins link (see previous post)



Church Ruins (UK) -- 2 demos

Two totally amazing demos by this raw primitive Black Metal project... OK, it's actually mine. Inspired primarily by my local landscape of Romney Marsh, this is very much in the vein of Burzum, but with a ruinous, fragmentary quality that is half intentional and half the result of circumstance. Only one track has vocals, as I'm really not a vocalist or lyricist, the rest is instrumental.


note: both demos are in one file.

"Unfinished Ruins" demo (2006)

1. Astray
2. Black Doom
3. Dirge
4. Sentinel
5. Dust And Ashes

"New Ruins" demo (2008)

1. Church Ruins
2. The Battle Of Eastbridge
3. The Bard's Tale
4. Deliberating The Horde

NOTE: This has now been updated to include the Tsalborcen tracks (see next post)



Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Ambush (Deu) -- "The Ambush"

One of my favourite albums, and one that takes me back to better days. The Ambush was one of many pseudonyms of German Techno artist Oliver Lieb (best known as Spicelab), and explored a stirring combination of hypnotic tribal drum rhythms (programmed obviously), dynamic Ambient House, and sampled chants. I used to listen to this album in the car as a warm-up / come-down for my favourite band Crow's gigs, as it was a perfect accompaniment to their more rock/punk-orientated tribal sounds.

"My Name Is God" is my favourite track here, and is one of my alltime favourite tracks -- really dark, yet uplifting at the same time. "Casablanca", a close second, is by contrast the sound of eternal Summer. Words cannot express how much I love these two tracks.

The only track I can find fault with here is "Jungle Fever" which sounds a little cheesy to my ears, and is the only track where the drums sound unconvincing.

"The Ambush" (1994)

1. Rain
2. Casablanca
3. My Name Is God
4. Terra
5. Jungle Fever
6. Aton
7. Sun

(link updated 5/3/11)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Playground (UK) -- discography

Playground were a cult Post-Punk band from Herne Bay in Kent, formed in 1986. Their sound was an uncompromising and hypnotic mix of pounding rhythms, abrasive guitar noise and shouted vocals; the only comparisons I can think of at the moment are early Amebix and Swans, though no doubt you'll draw your own better ones.

The band existed in 2 distinct phases: In 1989, three of the founder members left to form Splintered, who built upon the Playground template and took it into more cerebral, psychedelic realms of horror. Andy P carried on with the Playground name (sometimes referred to as Playground Mk II), recruiting bassist Patrick Murphy (later of intense Goth/Punks Jesus Fix) alongside a drum machine to create a more Industrial sound reminiscent of Ministry.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Sorry, the links were removed from my MediaFire account.

"Seeking The Truth" 7" (1988)

01. Seeking The Truth
02. Final
03. Violence For Violence Sake

(link removed)

"Sleeping Dogs" MLP (1988)

01. Knife Called Virtue
02. Put In Place
03. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
04. Position
05. Violence
06. No Sympathy

note: the scans for this one came from another version I found on Cactus Mouth Informer, though the music is my own rip.

(link removed)

"Conception Pay Off" 7" (1989)

01. Conception Pay Off
02. Scraped

(link removed)

"Resilience" CD (1991)

01. Hide
02. Inbreds
03. Two
04. A Total Lack Of Sympathy
05. Propriety
06. Victoriapolis
07. Insignificance
08. Deveneration
09. Hateball
10. Calling The Animals
11. Santa Dog
12. Perfect Love
13. Form And Function
14. Sure

This may still be available from Dirter Promotions, though I got my copy on eBay for 29p...

(link removed)

Atavistic (UK) -- LP + 2 EPs

I've posted this on Lockjaw, but I thought I'd stick it here too. Another great band from Whitstable, Kent (UK) (there must be something in the water up there -- apart from the oysters...!), Atavistic were a noisy Grind/Crust/Thrash band, with a hyped-up Motorhead feel in places. This is virtually everything they released, all that is missing is the "From Within" demo, and a track from the "A Vile Peace" compilation (anyone have these? Get in touch!). An awesome band, Peaceville really need to get their act together and finally release this stuff on CD.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

"Equilibrium" EP (1987)

01. Half Life
02. Means To An End
03. Perpetual Motion
04. Timshel

(link updated 22/10/10)

"Life During Wartime" EP (1987)

01. A Question Of Priorities
02. Creatures Of Habit
03. Liberty For Whom?
04. Survival Of The Fittest

(link updated 22/10/10)

"Vanishing Point" LP (1990)

01. Vanishing Point
02. Common Ground
03. Exclusion Zone
04. Something On My Mind
05. Reaffirmation
06. Forward Motion
07. Clearcut Conscience
08. Survival Of The Fittest
09. Sun Fell To Earth
10. You, Too, Can Be Mainstream
11. An Anguish Of Memories

(link updated 23/10/10)