Thursday, 30 April 2009

Zygote (UK) -- "A Wind Of Knives"

Zygote was the band formed by 3 ex-Amebix members (Stig, Spider and George Smutpig) plus bassist Tim Crow (later of Bad Influence). Musically it carried on pretty much where Amebix had left off (i.e. dark tribal metallic Crust Punk), though perhaps with a tad less intensity than before.

Info (Metal Archives)

"A Wind Of Knives" (1991)

1. Motion
2. Scarred
3. In The Red
4. Behold The Man
5. We Are Tomorrow
6. Here Come
7. The Man In The Crowd
8. untitled


(link updated 10/08/11)

This is the CD version, which features 2 extra tracks than the LP. All other versions I've found to download online have been ripped from the vinyl.

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