Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bad Influence (Bel) -- Discography

Bad Influence featured bassist Tim Crow, the only member of Zygote (see previous post) not to have played in Amebix. Nevertheless, this band continued down the same sonic path as its two predecessors, playing dark tribal metallic Crust Punk, though with a hefty dose of punchy Hardcore in the mix. Occasional Antisect-esque spoken rants crop up too, as well as some experimental Industrial tinges.


"New Age Witch Hunt" (1992)

01. Inner Side Of Us
02. Words
03. What Is It
04. My Eyes See
05. Unchained
06. Life Circle
07. Raised Within A Prison
08. 3B
09. Heavy World
10. Heavy World Poem
11. Wake Up
12. Unacceptable


"Afterbirth" (1995)

01. The Fear
02. Destiny
03. When I... Fell Down
04. Domestic Life
05. Trapped In Reality
06. Prophecy Poem (Machine Mix)


"Last Cries" (2001)

01. Last Cry
02. Purity Of Youth
03. Spiritless Heritage
04. Song For My Friends
05. The Free Of Mind
06. Muties As We
07. Mankind Is The Disease
08. Lost
09. Wet Dream
10. Last Cries (Urban Machine Mix)


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