Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Atavistic (UK) -- LP + 2 EPs

I've posted this on Lockjaw, but I thought I'd stick it here too. Another great band from Whitstable, Kent (UK) (there must be something in the water up there -- apart from the oysters...!), Atavistic were a noisy Grind/Crust/Thrash band, with a hyped-up Motorhead feel in places. This is virtually everything they released, all that is missing is the "From Within" demo, and a track from the "A Vile Peace" compilation (anyone have these? Get in touch!). An awesome band, Peaceville really need to get their act together and finally release this stuff on CD.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

"Equilibrium" EP (1987)

01. Half Life
02. Means To An End
03. Perpetual Motion
04. Timshel

(link updated 22/10/10)

"Life During Wartime" EP (1987)

01. A Question Of Priorities
02. Creatures Of Habit
03. Liberty For Whom?
04. Survival Of The Fittest

(link updated 22/10/10)

"Vanishing Point" LP (1990)

01. Vanishing Point
02. Common Ground
03. Exclusion Zone
04. Something On My Mind
05. Reaffirmation
06. Forward Motion
07. Clearcut Conscience
08. Survival Of The Fittest
09. Sun Fell To Earth
10. You, Too, Can Be Mainstream
11. An Anguish Of Memories

(link updated 23/10/10)



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hi balbulus!

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thanks for ATAVISTIC.
old school UK hardcore/grind scene was the best!

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