Thursday, 24 November 2011

Instinct (UK) -- Demos

INSTINCT is a one-man Black Metal project formed by Verst in 2005, based in Hertfordshire, England. The two full-length CDs (both titled "Instinct", though the first is also known as "Albion") can be found elsewhere, but these two demos that I feature here are less easy to come by. "Abandoned" features one long track of raw but well-executed Black Metal, whilst "The Cold Return" is a purely ambient demo. However, unlike most BM-related amateurish synth-noodlings, this is Dark Ambient done properly; sparse, brooding, and ominous, evoking bleak and desolate landscapes. Highly recommended.

Info (Metal Archives)

Instinct -- "Abandoned" 2009

1. Abandoned


Instinct -- "The Cold Return" demo 2009

1. The Cold Return
2. White Majesty
3. Frozen Meads Escapism


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Flittering (Deu) -- "Gloom"

Flittering was an obscure ritualistic Dark Ambient project hailing from the Black Forest region of Germany, formed by a shadowy duo known only as the "Bereaved Brothers". They alledgedly released this back in 1993, though there has been a great deal of debate on the Metal Archives forum as to whether or not it is a recent hoax.

The very existence of the release was in doubt amongst the majority of people, until the tracks were posted on The Doom Joint blog recently, from a seemingly genuine source.

For the full story here's the original thread on Metal Archives:

And the follow-up thread:

Having listened to the tracks, I am now fairly convinced that this is genuine, though there are still a couple of niggling doubts in my mind: the production is much clearer than would be expected from an underground release from 1993; plus there are certain stylistic motifs that would seem more in keeping with the zeitgeist of 2008.

Personally, I don't care if this is an elaborate hoax; the music is good (dark and unsettling ambience, with hints of Drone Doom and Depressive Black Metal), and the backstory interesting. That, my friends, is entertainment.


Flittering -- "Gloom" demo (1993)

1. Close
2. Close


Friday, 14 October 2011

Ghoul (UK) -- demos

Ghoul was an ultra-obscure underground Black Metal band from Birmingham, UK, active from 2002-2007 until band-leader "Unknown Ghoul" was imprisoned for vandalism. Their sound was very lo-fi Depressive Black Metal, bordering on dark ambient/noise; I will draw vague comparisons to bands like Xasthur, Wold and Black Funeral, though I stopped following developments in this branch of Black Metal a few years ago.

These two demo CDs were released in ultra-limited quantities (the first in 66 copies, the second in only 13!), so these are pretty rare. There are apparently two more demos that I don't have. A post on their MySpace page indicated that all their material was going to be offered for free download, though it appears this never happened.

Both demos are included in the one RAR file. Lose yourself in some obscure stygian soundscapes...

Info (Metal Archives)

MySpace page

Ghoul -- "Subterranean Forgotten Caverns" CD 2004

1. Intro
2. Great Gate
3. Forging The Ritual Keys
4. The Crack'd Bell
5. Cruel Swords Of The Slayer
6. Regressive Transmigratory Lethe

Ghoul -- "The Heirophant Doctrine" CD 2007

1. The Hierophant Doctrine

(both demos in one file)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mind Octopus (UK) -- Demo 1993

Mind Octopus were a Psychedelic Rock band from Ashford, Kent, whose various lineups centered around guitarist Paul Herwin. Also in the band was sax-player Ben Surman, son of legendary Jazz musician John Surman. The band were very prominent in the local music scene during the early-mid 90s, and a great influence on myself (as well as becoming good friends of mine). I picked up this great demo for £1.50 the first time I saw them, an absolute bargain. The music varies across the 3 tracks, ranging from hazy stoner rock, through bright and summery funk, to epic and slow-burning progressive psychedelia. All top-notch stuff.

They later recorded an album ("Music From The Black Smoker") which was largely unreleased. I do have the tracks, but from various different sources, and hence it is a bit mismatched in sound quality. I may post this at a later date.

For now, grab this excellent demo.

Mind Octopus -- Demo 1993

1. Running To The Sun
2. Beach
3. 12 Weeks Gone


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This Machine (UK) -- "Serving Suggestion"

This Machine were a band based between Hastings in East Sussex and Folkestone in Kent, playing a chaotic brand of experimental jazz-based avant/noise rock. I would probably make references to King Crimson, Sonic Youth and Shellac amongst others, but I'm sure you people can find more fitting comparisons. Expect dense and angular instrumentation, abstract experimentation, all augmented with found sounds and tapes. Great stuff.

This is there first album, and was available for free download from their old website, but that appears to no longer be active. Included with the album are instructions of how to make your own CD cover from a sheet of A4 paper. Bonus!

This Machine -- "Serving Suggestion" CD (2007)

01. Supermarket Sweep
02. Air Miles
03. The Rack
04. PowUK07
05. The Trifle Tower
06. Istigkeit
07. Radio Solo
08. More Air Miles
09. Advert Humour
10. Thank You, But I Am No Longer A Citizen Of This Country
11. Abstract #2
12. Veau Façon Crocodile
13. The Valley Of The Shadow


A Band Called Sun (UK) -- "Voodoo Rising"

Whitstable-based A Band Called Sun were originally just called Sun, but were forced to change their name for legal reasons (I believe Sun Records had something to do with it). I posted their demo a while back, so I thought I'd follow up with their debut CD album. The basic musical formula remains unchanged (a fusion of Reggae, Funk, Dub and Blues, with a turntablist augmenting the sound), but the addition of frontwoman Tracy Sullivan with her sassy soulful voice, has steered the sound into slightly more mainstream territory. Therein lies the problem for me; whilst this album is technically well-executed and well-produced, it lacks the underground feel that I crave. That being said, the standout track for me is "Nowhere Man", which begins as a solid Reggae song before exploding into a spacey Dub orgasm when guitarist Robin Harvey fires up his delay pedal.

A Band Called Sun -- "Voodoo Rising" CD (1998)

01. Voodoo1
02. Sight
03. Slipping & Sliding
04. Voodoo2
05. Living in a Dream
06. Nowhere Man
07. Jamming At Delta
08. SS Man
09. Voodoo3
10. I'm Sorry
11. Love Bites
12. February


Note: tracks 1, 4 and 9 are confusingly unlisted on the inlay.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Nàda (Swz) -- "Ùr"

One of my first posts on this blog was Nàda's excellent first album "Celmètra". It was only when I contacted Remo Seeland about his post-Nàda project Hollow Bone that I became aware of this, their second and final album. Remo kindly sent me one of the last copies, and I now share it with you lovely people.

If there is one single band that Nàda can most easily be compared to, it has to be Swans; whilst "Celmètra" can be likened to Swans' early period ("Filth" to "Children of God"), then "Ùr" is comparable to their later work ("Children of God" to "The Great Annihilator"). The early primal raw power has been channelled into a more focussed hypnotic sound. Nàda's music is much more positive in feel than that of Swans, however.

Other suitable points of reference would be Neurosis, plus tribal post-punk acts like Killing Joke, The Banshees and Ausgang. Also prominent is an increased use of ethnic percussion and instrumentation, with mesmerising tribal polyrhythms that actually sound authentic.

This is a phenomenally good album, and I can't understand why it isn't better known.

 Nàda -- "Ùr" CD (1997)

01. Cenaz
02. Sun
03. Prophecy
04. Ichtyos
05. Sirène
06. Snakepit
07. Gaia
08. Apocalypse
09. Heyana
10. Tibet
11. Breath
12. Sunak


For the sake of the search engines out there, here are the names without accents: Nada Ur Celmetra

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Soma (UK) -- discography

I first heard of Soma during the early 90s in an interview with Whitstable band Crow, where they were mentioned as a band that had overplayed their support slot, forcing Crow to have their set cut short after only one song. After years of wondering about them, I accidentally stumbled upon some information on the band, and subsequently tracked down their material. As far as I can tell they were based in Sheerness, Kent.

Soma's music drifts from psychedelic space-rock in the vein of Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles, to epic and haunting prog-rock in the classic British tradition (Yes, Genesis etc.). This latter aspect takes a more dominant role on the second album. However, they manage to avoid the trap of relying on difficult rhythms and odd time signatures; this all flows quite nicely. It is also very slick and well-produced, though some of the keyboard sounds haven't dated as well as the rest of the music. That minor quibble aside, this is great stuff. The original singer was replaced after the first album, and the replacement (Sean Filkins, later of Lorien and Big Big Train) has a much stronger voice, sounding very much like a rawer Jon Anderson.

Some band info

Soma -- "Epsilon" CD (1991)

01. Being - Ghandarva
02. My Skin (Turns The Colour Of Sand)
03. Prophecy - Inquisitor 4
04. The Conquest Of Albion
05. The Longbarrow
06. Twisting The Folds Of Time - Psionics N'om N'om N'om


Soma -- "Warped EP" cassette (1992)

01. My Skin
02. Oceana
03. Dreamtime
04. Warped


Soma -- "Dreamtime" CD (1992)

01. Listen
02. Losing It
03. Dreamtime
04. Suffocating
05. Illusion
06. Pulsar


Note: The CDs are my own rip, the EP is a 128kps rip I found lurking on the net. If anyone has a better quality copy (or an original to sell), please get in touch.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Original Fling (UK) -- cassettes

Original Fling was a Folk Rock band that were hugely popular on the Kent pub circuit during the 90s, playing a mixture of original, traditional and cover material. There is a huge Pogues influence at work here, along with dashes of The Levellers and The Waterboys, all spiced with a liberal dash of anarchic humour. The band was centered around multi-instrumentalist frontman Kev Smith, and in later years he continued the band as a solo act entitled The Fling, until he sadly died at the end of last year.


These cassettes are from the full lineup era of the band; I also own a couple of later CDs of the duo and solo incarnations, which I may post at a later date.

Original Fling -- "Drink Down" cassette (1992)

01. Buck Your Feet Up
02. Fool Like You
03. Jesse James
04. Oxley Bottom
05. Drink Down
06. Irish Rover
07. Sails In The Wind
08. The Clan
09. Greenland Whale Fisheries
10. Clan William Rd.
11. Chains
12. Hometown

Original Fling -- "Captain Morris EP" cassette (1993)

01. Sails In The Wind
02. Medley
03. Captain Morris
04. Jesse James

Original Fling -- "Put The Tea On" cassette (1996?)

01. The Devil Went Down To Dover
02. Put The Tea On
03. Hero
04. Dirty Old Town
05. Mary
06. Mutiny
07. January 8th
08. Fighting Creed
09. Jailerman
10. The Sleeper
11. Rakes Of Kildare

I am missing a couple of earlier tapes called "Stomp It" and "The Huntsman EP". If anyone has these, please get in touch!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The March (Deu) -- "Conspiracy"

The March play acoustic-based Folk Rock very much in the style of The Levellers and The Pogues, with occasional forays into dynamic post-punk territory. This CD was introduced to me by a guy who thought it was a side project featuring members of The Levellers and New Model Army, and it certainly sounds as if that could have been the case. However, having managed to track down an original copy of the CD, that appears to not be true; the band appears to have been German, though the music and the vocals sound very English indeed.

The March -- "Conspiracy" CD (1995)


01. Furore
02. Marching Song
03. Freedom
04. Refugee Waltz
05. Under The Gun
06. A Place Called Home
07. Conscience
08. Summerwind
09. Down To Size
10. The Darkest Night
11. Ignorance
12. Beggar's Tune
13. Peasants' March
14. Workers' Song
15. Dance
16. The Spark
17. When The World Is Dying


As there seems to be no info available on the band, here is the info page from the inlay:

Friday, 29 July 2011

Paperhouse (UK) -- Spongy Comestibles

I've been trawling the internet forums in search of obscure UK space-rock bands, and this was recommended to me recently. Having tracked down a CD copy on eBay, this is exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for, and I thought I should share this little gem with the world.

PAPERHOUSE were a dub-tinged psychedelic space-rock band from Surrey. The obvious musical comparison is OZRIC TENTACLES, though the music of Paperhouse is simpler and more straightforward, and much less strange. As great as the Ozrics are, sometimes their ultra-complex brand of weirditude can be a little difficult to digest. This is very similar in feel and style to contemporary UK bands like MOONDRAGON and CROW though less punky and hardhitting than either of these. In fact my only criticism of this album is that I wish the guitars would get a bit beefier during the more rhythmic sections. Nit-picking aside, this is great stuff.

Info (Wikipedia)

Paperhouse (UK) -- "Spongy Comestibles" CD (1992)

1. Floating "E" Riff
2. Columbia
3. Hrmphf
4. Purple House
5. Paperhouse Dub
6. Please Leave The Room
7. Thrash Pants
8. Liquid Reality
9. Helix

Note: I mistakenly tagged the files with the year 1994, instead of 1992. Needless to say, I am currently scourging my flesh in penance.


Thanks to the very nice man in the comments below, here is a link to download Paperhouse's 1991 cassette album "A":

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Arktyk (US) -- "Northern Darkness"

OK, so there's not any music to download here, as it doesn't actually exist... Arktyk was a fictitious, ultra-obscure Black Metal band from Barrow, the northernmost city in Alaska, created for an elaborate April Fools joke by Terrorizer magazine in 1999 (Issue 65). They ran an article / interview on the band, plus an album review in the same issue, both of which waxed lyrical about this fantastic band.

I have scanned the article and review below:

I am ashamed to say I was one of the poor fools who fell for it hook, line and sinker, even ordering the album from a distro who was in on the joke. How foolish I felt upon opening the following issue, and reading the hilarious "April Fools!" caption...:

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Trouvère (UK) -- "Novela" CD

Trouvère are a British group who mainly specialise in authentic Mediaeval music. I picked up this CD a few years ago at a mediaeval festival, and was instantly struck by its atmosphere and beauty. Unlike their other albums, which contain 'authentic' arrangements of music from the period, "Novela" has more of a creative, contemporary folk feel; acoustic guitar and flute are the primary instruments, and they have allowed themselves to interpret the music as they wish. In places, the music and feel remind me of Ulver's sublime acoustic album "Kveldssanger", and also some of Mike Oldfield's acoustic guitar work on his early albums.

I had been meaning to upload this album for a while, but I have found a band-sanctioned Last FM page on which you can download the whole album at 128 kbps, so I here provide that link instead:

I would also encourage anyone who enjoys this music to buy a copy of the CD from the band's website:

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Ok so it's time for a new upload. Another band from the UK here, this time from West Yorkshire. Blasphemer released three demos and then changed their name to Dominion in 1995, this is their first demo tape from 1992 and this is a pretty rare one.
With Blasphemer you can expect some nice old school Death Metal, well-played and with a good quality sound production. I can't remember how I came to own this demo but it's certainly had some plays over the years. If you like the older style DM then this is definitely for you, and there are four tracks in all with some great riffing and Rick Rozz  tremelo style solos.
Once again you can enjoy this one in 320kps and as always you will find scans of the inlay in the folder. Play this one LOUD...


1) Take Me Now I'm Dying
2) Immortality
3) Sutcliffe
4) Blasphemer

Sunday, 10 April 2011


A month or so ago I uploaded demos from Cruentus and Thus Defiled, both of whom played that dark sounding Von style early 90's Black Metal. This week I give to you another UK band from that era - Dead Christ. I first came into contact with the band in early 1993 when I traded demos with bass player Lothar Churchcrusher, and also reviewed their demo in my Crucifixion fanzine.
The band hail from Bristol and released 3 demos and finally a 7" entitiled Satan's Hunger on Greek based label Molon Lave Records.
What you can expect from Dead Christ is dirty dark Black Metal in the vein of Beherit, Varathron, Von and Blasphemy. The demo has a reasonable production quality and a good amount of tracks to get your teeth into. The band split in 1993 and Lothar went on to join Species. There were two inlay cards for this demo, the one you can see on the Metal Archives site and then an earlier one with totally different artwork. I have the earlier one which I have included as a quality scan in the folder. As usual, this is ripped in glorious 320kps for your listening pleasure so enjoy this one...


1) Intro (The Crumbling Cross)
2) Flesh Without Sin
3) Hymm Of The Satanic Empire
4) We Who Are Not Others
5) Lex Satanicus
6) Nocturnal Rites Of Blasphemy
7) The Hidden Sky
8) Outro (The Last Thrones Of Death)

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Ok so it's now time for yet another exclusive. I haven't seen this on any other blog and it's a great rare recording so here I give you Deicide live at the Queen's Hall in Bradford, from 21 years ago! I got this tape through tape trading in around 1991 and it's had a lot of plays from me over the years. It was the bands first ever UK tour after their debut album was released and this gig is mostly famous and remembered by many as it was the night that Glen Benton had his bass stolen. There were also a few Christians that had turned up at the show purely to hurl abuse at Benton and his comrades so as you can imagine, the band were pretty pissed off that night and it obviously shows as Benton roars abuse back at the crowd with no mercy. 
Those of you who were trading at this time will remember the gig, those of you who weren't or are too young to have been a part of those glory days will be more than curious! So hit that download link and grab this great piece of Deicide history. I have cleaned up the sound as best I could although it was never a bad recording in the first place - the guitars are a bit quiet but all in all pretty good sound and one well worth hearing even if it's just to hear Benton lose his rag!
Ripped in 320kps for optimum listening pleasure. Enjoy this one folks.


1) Sacrificial Suicde
2) Lunatic Of God's Creation
3) Dead By Dawn
4) Oblivious To Evil
5) Carnage In The Temple Of The Damned
6) Blaspherion
7) Mephistopheles
8) Day Of Darkness
9) Crucifixation
10) Deicide

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Here is another exclusive for the Woodman's Axe. This is an obscure band from the UK called Vomitorium. The band formed in 1994 and as far as I know this is there only release. I cannot find anything on the internet about them and there was no profile on Metal Archives for them, although I have now submitted one.

There are actually 9 tracks on this tape although the inlay only lists 7. If you like obscure Death Metal then this one is certainly for you. It's pretty original sounding stuff and with some great catchy riffs and some original sounding vocals. The production is fairly weak but with a few tweaks on your stereo you can get a pretty good sound. I was sent this tape in 1994 to review in my fanzine Crucifixion and there weren't many made as far as I know, I have never seen it pop up for sale anywhere so grab it here while you can.

Ripped directly from the demo in 320kps and as always, the folder contains a quality scan of the inlay. Enjoy this one...


1) The Flowers That Stank Of Slumber Divine
2) Bloodlust
3) Rhapsody In Blasphemy
4) The Dreams Of Unknown Kadath
5) In The Autumn Sorrow
6) Necrovomiting In The Chapel Of Holy Worship
7) Memories Of A Funeral
8) Untitled
9) Outro

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Here is one of my favourite UK bands of the early 90's. The Fallen were one of the few Black Metal bands from the UK at the time along with my band Witchclan, Xaztur, Immanis, Thus Defiled, Dead Christ and a handful of others. 

This is the only demo that they released before folding and I was sent this promo copy from their vocalist Aggressor in trade for Witchclan's 1993 promo tape. The sound on the tape is fairly good and features a good few songs to get your teeth into. If you like your Black Metal then this one is for you, it's pretty rare as I don't think all that many were made so lap it up and get it here, I haven't seen it on any other blogs.

As always it's been ripped in 320kps and the folder includes a scan of the cover. Enjoy...


1. Disciple Of Fire
3. Black Metal Holocaust
4. I Burn
5. Sombre Toll Of Funeral Bells

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Here's something special for you all, one of my prize demo tapes and probably one of the rarest that I own. This has had a lot of play from me over the years and is still one that I listen to fairly regularly, now it's time to share it with the Metal community.

For  those who don't know, Treblinka were a Swedish Death Metal band that had an 80's Black Metal influence who released two demos before changing their name to Tiamat and signing to Metal Core for the release of their debut Sumerian Cry in 1990.
This is their second demo tape, The Sign Of The Pentagram which features four songs that appeared on Sumerian Cry. Treblinka had progressed vast amounts on this demo and when you compare it to their previous effort, Crawling In Vomits you can really hear the difference in musicianship and quality. I also own Crawling In Vomits and will be uploading this in the coming weeks.

If you like Swedish Death Metal that wasn't a clone of Nihilist or Carnage then this is for you. Ripped directly from the tape and as always includes a quality scan of the inlay in the folder. Enjoy this one.


1. Nocturnal Funeral
2. Evilized
3. Necrophagous Shadows
4. Mould In Hell

Monday, 14 February 2011

Cadaver (Nor) -- "Hallucinating Anxiety" (Complete) 1990


Norway's CADAVER have always been one of my favourite Death Metal bands, their first two albums remain some of my most played. This, their debut, is a pungent slice of raw, necro Death Metal with an unusually fuzzy, almost Black Metal guitar sound.

The only CD release of this album was as a split with Swedish band CARNAGE, and due to time constraints, one track ("Hypertrophyan") was omitted that was otherwise available on the vinyl and cassette versions. Further confusion was compounded by an inaccurate tracklisting on all versions; the song "Erosive Fester" was not listed; and the intro and first song were combined into one track.

Since Earache have repeatedly stated they have no plans to reissue the album, I here exclusively present the DEFINITIVE and COMPLETE version of the album: a CD rip, with "Hypertrophyan" (mastered and cleaned from the cassette) restored to its rightful place, plus a corrected tracklist. I have also separated the intro from the first song, to avoid any further confusion.

Info (Metal Archives)

Cadaver (Nor) -- "Hallucinating Anxiety" (Complete version) 1990

01. Tuba (intro)
02. Ignominious Eczema
03. Corrosive Delerium
04. Erosive Fester
05. Hallucinating Anxiety
06. Cannibalistic Dissection
07. Hypertrophyan
08. Petrifyed Faces
09. Innominate
10. Twisted Collapse
11. Abnormal Deformity
12. Maelstrom
13. Mental Abherrance
14. Bodily Trauma

320 kps

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Seventythree (UK) -- Demo 1995

SEVENTYTHREE were a band from the Thanet area of Kent during the first half of the 1990s, known for most of their existence under their old name DECEITFUL BOW. Live, they were a dynamic Alt-Rock/Metal act, but this demo was deliberately more restrained in an effort to get them more gigs. The 3 (untitled) tracks are more in an Indie vein, with a laid-back Jazz/Funk feel in places. There is some inspired guitar work on show here, plus some great stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Seventythree (UK) -- Demo 1995

1. unknown title 1
2. unknown title 2
3. unknown title 3

(New cleaner rip, updated 11/02/11)

Tipa Gore (UK) -- "Durg" demo (1996)

TIPA GORE were a 3-piece band from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, who played an energetic form of funk-inspired Hardcore/Metal -- essentially what would later become known as Nu-Metal, though this was a good couple of years before that genre became oversaturated commercialised drivel. I put them on in Ashford a couple of times, and they were lovely guys. They even appeared on TV on the Johnny Vaughan show.

They did later release a CD, but I never had a copy.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

TIPA GORE (UK) -- "Durg" demo (1996)

1. Fudge Packet
2. Pressure
3. This Is Orange
4. Underlying Tones Of Weightlessness
5. Last

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sun (UK) -- Demo 1996

SUN (later changed to A BAND CALLED SUN due to legal issues regarding the name) were a great band from Whitstable, Kent, who played an interesting fusion of Psychedelic Dub/Funk with a hint of Blues. This demo was recorded as a four piece, though they later recruited a frontwoman which gave them a much more commercial sound. I may upload a later CD at some point soon, though I prefer this demo.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Sun (UK) -- Demo 1996

1. Baby
2. Bitter
3. Go Wasted
4. Newage

(new cleaner rip, updated 12/02/11)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Ok here is my second upload, something pretty rare here and I haven't seen it on any other blogs so far so we might even have an exclusive for The Woodsman's Axe...

CRUENTUS were a Blackened Death Metal band from Essex in the UK. I was sent this demo by the bands bass player Mark to review it in my Crucifixion Zine, and as far as I know, this is the only release that the band ever put out.

If you liked the THUS DEFILED demo that I uploaded last week then this will be right up your street. This is their 1993 demo, ripped at 320kps and complete with a scan of the inlay.

  1. Of Unknown Origin
  2.  Condemned To Darkness
  3. Blind Devotion
  4. Psychotic Dellusions

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dr. Chair (UK) -- "Witter & Beard" CD

This album is an absolute gem. DR. CHAIR was the alias of a guy called Richard Cron from Hythe, Kent; something of a local anarchist, satanist and all-round nutter. He was renowned for turning up to local open mic nights with an acoustic guitar and just screaming into the microphone. He also once asked my girlfriend to join his coven...

The songs on "Witter & Beard" (I presume the title is a play on "Bitter and Weird") are top-notch madcap DIY Psych/Punk, with all instruments played by the man himself. Standout tracks for me are "More Weed Sir?" (the sound of a man being force-fed marijuana -- albeit very politely), and "The Bavarian Knights" (a punked up instrumental based on a traditional melody).

EDIT: I have since been contacted by the man himself, who confirms that my assumption regarding the title is correct...

Dr. Chair (UK) -- "Witter & Beard" CD (2001)

01. Lighting The Bong
02. The Doctor's Theme
03. Stormy Waters
04. Bollocks
05. Times Change
06. The Bavarian Knights
07. Prove It
08. More Weed Sir?
09. Paradise Lost
10. I've Got To Air My Feelings
11. If You're Not Mad, You Will Be
12. The Cast
13. untitled hidden track

The Slugs (UK) -- "Invasion Of The Slugs" (2005)

Following the vein I've been tapping the past couple of days, this is ANOTHER Folkestone Punk band featuring Rocker and Ug (previously of CLITS OF ORIS, later of THE HOFMANN SOUND). Whilst this isn't as sludgily filthy as The Clits, nor as perfectly angular as The Hoffs, it's still a worthy listen.

The Slugs (UK) -- "Invasion Of The Slugs" (2005)

01. Cocaine = Shit
02. Squelch
03. Multinational Corporate Businessman (C.U.N.T.)
04. I Am Not Your Slave
05. Plastic Robots
06. Resist The Pressure
07. Sick Joke
08. Demons
09. Operation Bug
10. Hate

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Clits Of Oris (UK) -- Live

THE CLITS OF ORIS were a noisy Sludge-Punk band based in Folkestone, featuring Rocker and Ug who later played in THE HOFMANN SOUND (who I posted earlier). I don't think they ever released any material, so this live recording I made could well be the only recording of them in existence.

Special mention should be made of the sheer genius of track 4, "The Nazi Cokey".

Alas, my faulty MiniDisc player accidentally deleted the 1st track whilst I was ripping this (a poor workman etc. etc.).

The Clis Of Oris (UK) -- Live @ The Harp Club, Folkestone, 12/03/04

2. Scum
3. What's The Score?
4. The Nazi Cokey
5. Pay To Die
6. Alive But Dead
7. Down Not Out
8. This Is Your Life

Download link removed -- I have found another copy of my recording, with the 1st track still in place. I will reupload as soon as I have ripped it.

The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- "Is This It?" CD (2009)

THE HOFMANN SOUND were a fantastic Post Punk band, quite possibly the best band to emerge from Folkestone in recent years. I posted a 3-song promo of this album a while back, but I'm now posting the whole album (+ bonus tracks), because the bastards split up over a year ago, and this is far too good to be forgotten. The musical formula is a juxtaposition of abrasive, scratchy guitar that sounds like broken glass being ground into your eyeballs, a killer rhythm section with tight locked-in grooves, and vocals that simply ooze venom.

I love The Hofmann Sound, but I hate them for splitting up. Bastards.


The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- "Is This It?" CD (2009)

01. Journey To Nowhere
02. No Direction
03. Velvet Lined Coffers
04. Sweetpea
05. Filth Detector
06. Disconnect
07. Nicked
08. Analysis
09. Pulse Vibration
10. Ug's Machine
11. Swamp Death
12. TWD
13. Subject To Change (bonus track)

14. Downslide (live)
15. Exit Stance (live)


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thus Defiled 'Blasphemous Coven' Demo 1993

Firstly a big thank you to Balbulus for allowing me to contribute to the The Woodman's Axe. I have a lot of demos that I will be uploading over the coming weeks and months but here is a fairly rare one to kick off with.

THUS DEFILED from Hove, near Brighton in the UK, began their career as a Blackened Death Metal act in the early 90's before getting a record deal and changing their style to the full on Black Metal sound we know them for today.

This is their 1993 demo Blasphemous Coven, ripped in 320kps and complete with full inlay scan in the folder. ENJOY.


1. Intro
2. Invocation 
3. Desolation Of Twilight
4. Ascend...

Friday, 21 January 2011

New contributor...

Just a quick notice to introduce you to the new contributor to the blog -- Witchclan. He will be starting to post stuff in the next few days, and he assures me he has some great old Metal demos to share. Seeing as I've pretty much exhausted my Metal demos, I will probably focus more on non-Metal material in order to maintain the blog's eclecticism.

Cheers! Onwards and upwards...


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Epidemic (UK) -- Demos 1989 + 1990

Not to be confused with the various other bands of the same name, EPIDEMIC were a long-lived Punk band based in Whitstable, Kent from 1981-1991. These two demos are great slabs of aggressive and vitriolic Punk with a surprisingly Metallic guitar sound, verging on Thrash in places.

Founder member Pat Murphy later formed Gothic Punk/Metal band JESUS FIX (who incidentally I have now joined!).

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Epidemic (UK) -- Demo 1 (1988)

1. U.A.D.
2. Necrolatry
3. Follow Me

Epidemic (UK) -- Demo 2 (1989)

1. Bred To Fight
2. Behind Locked Doors
3. Your Mistake

Dribblebus (UK) -- Demo 1995

DRIBBLEBUS were a great Indie-Punk band from Ashford, Kent during the mid 90s who were (and still are) good friends of mine. This demo was their only release (to my knowledge), and contains 4 light-hearted and catchy songs -- nothing extreme or aggressive, although the band did begin to show a harder edge in later material.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Dribblebus -- Demo 1995

1. Freakshow
2. Soap In The Eyes
3. Adios Amigo
4. Ha Ha Fashion

Salem Orchid (UK) -- demos

One of my first posts on this blog was pre-Akercocke band Church Of Satan, and I promised to post the demos of earlier band Salem Orchid. After much time putting off the mammoth task of ripping and cleaning the tracks, I have finally taken the bull by the horns. Here then are the 1990 and 1991 demos from the band, plus a collection of various other tracks. I have taken the 1991 demo from the import version of Akercocke's "Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene" CD, as they are better quality than my tapes. It also includes a bonus track that was not on the original demo release. The 1990 Demo and other tracks are my own rip.

Salem Orchid -- Demo 1990

1. GehennaTopethe
2. The Unholy Trinity
3. Carnival Of Souls
4. Litanies Of Darkness

Salem Orchid -- Demo 1991

1. Sempiternal Suffering
2. The Nirvana Of Agony

3. Luciferian Canto (bonus track)

Salem Orchid -- Various tracks (1991-1994)

1. The Many Quixotic Passages To Faith

2. GehennaTopethe (live)
3. Carnival Of Souls (live)
4. The Invocation (live)

5. In The Sand
6. A Garden Of Tears

7. Indecision Plagues Me

There were other tracks, but my tape appears to be damaged (or not recorded properly), and so only one track from that batch is presentable (track 7).