Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Band Called Sun (UK) -- "Voodoo Rising"

Whitstable-based A Band Called Sun were originally just called Sun, but were forced to change their name for legal reasons (I believe Sun Records had something to do with it). I posted their demo a while back, so I thought I'd follow up with their debut CD album. The basic musical formula remains unchanged (a fusion of Reggae, Funk, Dub and Blues, with a turntablist augmenting the sound), but the addition of frontwoman Tracy Sullivan with her sassy soulful voice, has steered the sound into slightly more mainstream territory. Therein lies the problem for me; whilst this album is technically well-executed and well-produced, it lacks the underground feel that I crave. That being said, the standout track for me is "Nowhere Man", which begins as a solid Reggae song before exploding into a spacey Dub orgasm when guitarist Robin Harvey fires up his delay pedal.

A Band Called Sun -- "Voodoo Rising" CD (1998)

01. Voodoo1
02. Sight
03. Slipping & Sliding
04. Voodoo2
05. Living in a Dream
06. Nowhere Man
07. Jamming At Delta
08. SS Man
09. Voodoo3
10. I'm Sorry
11. Love Bites
12. February


Note: tracks 1, 4 and 9 are confusingly unlisted on the inlay.

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Ploppy McPlop said...

I saw these guys live in Canterbury shortly after the album came out (I think). I was rushing off my tits on primo grade mitsubishis, it was an awesome and unforgettable experience. Great band live, and the singer was all kinds of hot. Still have the CD.