Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This Machine (UK) -- "Serving Suggestion"

This Machine were a band based between Hastings in East Sussex and Folkestone in Kent, playing a chaotic brand of experimental jazz-based avant/noise rock. I would probably make references to King Crimson, Sonic Youth and Shellac amongst others, but I'm sure you people can find more fitting comparisons. Expect dense and angular instrumentation, abstract experimentation, all augmented with found sounds and tapes. Great stuff.

This is there first album, and was available for free download from their old website, but that appears to no longer be active. Included with the album are instructions of how to make your own CD cover from a sheet of A4 paper. Bonus!

This Machine -- "Serving Suggestion" CD (2007)

01. Supermarket Sweep
02. Air Miles
03. The Rack
04. PowUK07
05. The Trifle Tower
06. Istigkeit
07. Radio Solo
08. More Air Miles
09. Advert Humour
10. Thank You, But I Am No Longer A Citizen Of This Country
11. Abstract #2
12. Veau Façon Crocodile
13. The Valley Of The Shadow


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