Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- "Is This It?" CD (2009)

THE HOFMANN SOUND were a fantastic Post Punk band, quite possibly the best band to emerge from Folkestone in recent years. I posted a 3-song promo of this album a while back, but I'm now posting the whole album (+ bonus tracks), because the bastards split up over a year ago, and this is far too good to be forgotten. The musical formula is a juxtaposition of abrasive, scratchy guitar that sounds like broken glass being ground into your eyeballs, a killer rhythm section with tight locked-in grooves, and vocals that simply ooze venom.

I love The Hofmann Sound, but I hate them for splitting up. Bastards.


The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- "Is This It?" CD (2009)

01. Journey To Nowhere
02. No Direction
03. Velvet Lined Coffers
04. Sweetpea
05. Filth Detector
06. Disconnect
07. Nicked
08. Analysis
09. Pulse Vibration
10. Ug's Machine
11. Swamp Death
12. TWD
13. Subject To Change (bonus track)

14. Downslide (live)
15. Exit Stance (live)



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