Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Clits Of Oris (UK) -- Live

THE CLITS OF ORIS were a noisy Sludge-Punk band based in Folkestone, featuring Rocker and Ug who later played in THE HOFMANN SOUND (who I posted earlier). I don't think they ever released any material, so this live recording I made could well be the only recording of them in existence.

Special mention should be made of the sheer genius of track 4, "The Nazi Cokey".

Alas, my faulty MiniDisc player accidentally deleted the 1st track whilst I was ripping this (a poor workman etc. etc.).

The Clis Of Oris (UK) -- Live @ The Harp Club, Folkestone, 12/03/04

2. Scum
3. What's The Score?
4. The Nazi Cokey
5. Pay To Die
6. Alive But Dead
7. Down Not Out
8. This Is Your Life

Download link removed -- I have found another copy of my recording, with the 1st track still in place. I will reupload as soon as I have ripped it.

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