Thursday, 20 January 2011

Salem Orchid (UK) -- demos

One of my first posts on this blog was pre-Akercocke band Church Of Satan, and I promised to post the demos of earlier band Salem Orchid. After much time putting off the mammoth task of ripping and cleaning the tracks, I have finally taken the bull by the horns. Here then are the 1990 and 1991 demos from the band, plus a collection of various other tracks. I have taken the 1991 demo from the import version of Akercocke's "Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene" CD, as they are better quality than my tapes. It also includes a bonus track that was not on the original demo release. The 1990 Demo and other tracks are my own rip.

Salem Orchid -- Demo 1990

1. GehennaTopethe
2. The Unholy Trinity
3. Carnival Of Souls
4. Litanies Of Darkness

Salem Orchid -- Demo 1991

1. Sempiternal Suffering
2. The Nirvana Of Agony

3. Luciferian Canto (bonus track)

Salem Orchid -- Various tracks (1991-1994)

1. The Many Quixotic Passages To Faith

2. GehennaTopethe (live)
3. Carnival Of Souls (live)
4. The Invocation (live)

5. In The Sand
6. A Garden Of Tears

7. Indecision Plagues Me

There were other tracks, but my tape appears to be damaged (or not recorded properly), and so only one track from that batch is presentable (track 7).


Anonymous said...

I have some demo (I think it may be a rehearsal) tracks from the pre Salem Orchid project, Kindred if anyone is interested

balbulus said...

Definitely! I didn't even kniow about Kindred, I'd love to hear it.


Nick said...

Thank you so much for these and the Church of Satan upload. Massive Akercocke fan, can't wait to listen to this.

balbulus said...

No worries mate, I'm glad to share them after all these years!

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell! Just stumbled onto this. A million thanks! Oh, I can't wait to listen. You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

Can someone add those demos again? I really appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Anychance you will upload those again PLEASE? Such awesome music!!