Sunday, 5 September 2010

Meathook Seed (USA) -- "Embedded" (early mix)

Fantastic Industrial Metal project featuring Obituary members. This is the unfinished mix accidentally released on the first pressing. As Metal Archives explains:

When Earache initially released 'Embedded' they accidentally pressed a different version of the album to the 'official' release. This incorrectly issued version appears to be an early unfinished mix, and with the exception of last track 'Sea Of Tranquility' every track sounds noticably different to the official pressing, with this earlier version missing numerous samples and effects and containing material edited out of the final mix. Only 500 copies were pressed by mistake. These 'early mix' CDs are visually identical to the official CD release and can only be identified by contrasting the audio (an easy way to spot the difference is with the opening seconds of opening track 'Famine Sector': on the 'early mix' version there are no bass notes overlaying the opening drum machine beat).

I didn't realise until recently that my copy was this early mix, and having heard the finished version, I think I prefer this one -- a bit rawer and less samples.

Meathook Seed -- "Embedded" (early mix) (1993)

01. Famine Sector
02. A Furred Grave
03. My Infinity
04. Day Of Conceiving
05. Cling To An Image
06. A Wilted Remnant
07. Forgive
08. Focal Point Blur
09. Embedded
10. Visible Shallow Self
11. Sea Of Tranquility



whitelamb said...

dead link.
please reupload. thx

balbulus said...

All my links are dead, Mediafire suspended my account. I'm still not sure whether I want to risk reuploading everything to another host, especially releases that are on larger labels such as this.