Thursday, 20 January 2011

Epidemic (UK) -- Demos 1989 + 1990

Not to be confused with the various other bands of the same name, EPIDEMIC were a long-lived Punk band based in Whitstable, Kent from 1981-1991. These two demos are great slabs of aggressive and vitriolic Punk with a surprisingly Metallic guitar sound, verging on Thrash in places.

Founder member Pat Murphy later formed Gothic Punk/Metal band JESUS FIX (who incidentally I have now joined!).

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Epidemic (UK) -- Demo 1 (1988)

1. U.A.D.
2. Necrolatry
3. Follow Me

Epidemic (UK) -- Demo 2 (1989)

1. Bred To Fight
2. Behind Locked Doors
3. Your Mistake

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