Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dr. Chair (UK) -- "Witter & Beard" CD

This album is an absolute gem. DR. CHAIR was the alias of a guy called Richard Cron from Hythe, Kent; something of a local anarchist, satanist and all-round nutter. He was renowned for turning up to local open mic nights with an acoustic guitar and just screaming into the microphone. He also once asked my girlfriend to join his coven...

The songs on "Witter & Beard" (I presume the title is a play on "Bitter and Weird") are top-notch madcap DIY Psych/Punk, with all instruments played by the man himself. Standout tracks for me are "More Weed Sir?" (the sound of a man being force-fed marijuana -- albeit very politely), and "The Bavarian Knights" (a punked up instrumental based on a traditional melody).

EDIT: I have since been contacted by the man himself, who confirms that my assumption regarding the title is correct...

Dr. Chair (UK) -- "Witter & Beard" CD (2001)

01. Lighting The Bong
02. The Doctor's Theme
03. Stormy Waters
04. Bollocks
05. Times Change
06. The Bavarian Knights
07. Prove It
08. More Weed Sir?
09. Paradise Lost
10. I've Got To Air My Feelings
11. If You're Not Mad, You Will Be
12. The Cast
13. untitled hidden track

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