Sunday, 7 August 2011

The March (Deu) -- "Conspiracy"

The March play acoustic-based Folk Rock very much in the style of The Levellers and The Pogues, with occasional forays into dynamic post-punk territory. This CD was introduced to me by a guy who thought it was a side project featuring members of The Levellers and New Model Army, and it certainly sounds as if that could have been the case. However, having managed to track down an original copy of the CD, that appears to not be true; the band appears to have been German, though the music and the vocals sound very English indeed.

The March -- "Conspiracy" CD (1995)


01. Furore
02. Marching Song
03. Freedom
04. Refugee Waltz
05. Under The Gun
06. A Place Called Home
07. Conscience
08. Summerwind
09. Down To Size
10. The Darkest Night
11. Ignorance
12. Beggar's Tune
13. Peasants' March
14. Workers' Song
15. Dance
16. The Spark
17. When The World Is Dying


As there seems to be no info available on the band, here is the info page from the inlay:


chipwreck said...

Hi -

I just came across your post when searching for exactly this album cover - I just digitized the CD. In fact I created the print layout for the CD (which was quite a challenge back in 1995 :) and know the band members quite well.

The are from Rheinberg, Germany - near Duisburg. And an influence by New Model Army and the Levellers is somehow visible, but they've nothing to do with both bands. In the mean time the band doesn't exist anymore - but nice to find something about this album.

Nils Kopp said...

Hey, it is fascinating to read what you write about a band that existed 20 years ago. Although it is not really correct to say that we do not exist anymore - we have never officially split so far. If you want to hear also our second disc you can also do it via internet:
have fun with it!

Nils Kopp said...

more of the march: