Friday, 29 July 2011

Paperhouse (UK) -- Spongy Comestibles

I've been trawling the internet forums in search of obscure UK space-rock bands, and this was recommended to me recently. Having tracked down a CD copy on eBay, this is exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for, and I thought I should share this little gem with the world.

PAPERHOUSE were a dub-tinged psychedelic space-rock band from Surrey. The obvious musical comparison is OZRIC TENTACLES, though the music of Paperhouse is simpler and more straightforward, and much less strange. As great as the Ozrics are, sometimes their ultra-complex brand of weirditude can be a little difficult to digest. This is very similar in feel and style to contemporary UK bands like MOONDRAGON and CROW though less punky and hardhitting than either of these. In fact my only criticism of this album is that I wish the guitars would get a bit beefier during the more rhythmic sections. Nit-picking aside, this is great stuff.

Info (Wikipedia)

Paperhouse (UK) -- "Spongy Comestibles" CD (1992)

1. Floating "E" Riff
2. Columbia
3. Hrmphf
4. Purple House
5. Paperhouse Dub
6. Please Leave The Room
7. Thrash Pants
8. Liquid Reality
9. Helix

Note: I mistakenly tagged the files with the year 1994, instead of 1992. Needless to say, I am currently scourging my flesh in penance.


Thanks to the very nice man in the comments below, here is a link to download Paperhouse's 1991 cassette album "A":


dlz1965 said...

Thanks very much,been looking for this for ages. It was their second album,released in 1992. The first was a tape only release from 1991 called "A" and is pretty damned good stuff. Would you like a copy?

balbulus said...

Yes please, that would be awesome!

dlz1965 said...

You can download from this link. Enjoy!

Do you have any Here & Now live tapes?

balbulus said...

Thanks for that, I'll grab it when I get home tonight. Sorry, I haven't got any Here & Now tapes.


Ernest Embryo said...

Thanks for this. I loved the tape so Im looking forward to hearing this.

btw. I stuck a link to this post on my blog.

... and if you're looking for Here & Now stuff there is some on my blog but there is a 'mega' post at...

cheers, e

balbulus said...

Nice one, cheers for the link. :-)

bytorandthesnowdog said...

I was in Paperhouse once upon a time, it's really nice to see there are still some folk out there that listen to this sort of stuff...

Fantastic blog, btw, keep up the good work.

Any chance of finding some Poisoned Electric Head, Underground Zero or Tubilah Dog?

balbulus said...

Cheers for the comment, respect to you for playing in such a great band! I'm a sucker for that UK festival/psych scene. I don't have anything by any of those bands you mention, though I have come across the names before.