Thursday, 17 November 2011

Flittering (Deu) -- "Gloom"

Flittering was an obscure ritualistic Dark Ambient project hailing from the Black Forest region of Germany, formed by a shadowy duo known only as the "Bereaved Brothers". They alledgedly released this back in 1993, though there has been a great deal of debate on the Metal Archives forum as to whether or not it is a recent hoax.

The very existence of the release was in doubt amongst the majority of people, until the tracks were posted on The Doom Joint blog recently, from a seemingly genuine source.

For the full story here's the original thread on Metal Archives:

And the follow-up thread:

Having listened to the tracks, I am now fairly convinced that this is genuine, though there are still a couple of niggling doubts in my mind: the production is much clearer than would be expected from an underground release from 1993; plus there are certain stylistic motifs that would seem more in keeping with the zeitgeist of 2008.

Personally, I don't care if this is an elaborate hoax; the music is good (dark and unsettling ambience, with hints of Drone Doom and Depressive Black Metal), and the backstory interesting. That, my friends, is entertainment.


Flittering -- "Gloom" demo (1993)

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Anonymous said...

So glad you posted this for download. I agree with most of your description but just don't hear the suicidal black metal influence. Definitely a fan of the project. I appreciate the wicked use of samples and overall haunting tone of the piece. I can't offer much to the Flittering mystery except that it first came to my attention in 1996, so if this is a hoax it's been running for a bloody long time.

Anonymous said...

schönen dank

Anonymous said...

Satan + shoegazing umm....weird :/

psycho_gcv said...

I stumbled on Flittering here
and now I have it thanks to you.
Fantastic blog you got here. Keep it up.