Friday, 14 October 2011

Ghoul (UK) -- demos

Ghoul was an ultra-obscure underground Black Metal band from Birmingham, UK, active from 2002-2007 until band-leader "Unknown Ghoul" was imprisoned for vandalism. Their sound was very lo-fi Depressive Black Metal, bordering on dark ambient/noise; I will draw vague comparisons to bands like Xasthur, Wold and Black Funeral, though I stopped following developments in this branch of Black Metal a few years ago.

These two demo CDs were released in ultra-limited quantities (the first in 66 copies, the second in only 13!), so these are pretty rare. There are apparently two more demos that I don't have. A post on their MySpace page indicated that all their material was going to be offered for free download, though it appears this never happened.

Both demos are included in the one RAR file. Lose yourself in some obscure stygian soundscapes...

Info (Metal Archives)

MySpace page

Ghoul -- "Subterranean Forgotten Caverns" CD 2004

1. Intro
2. Great Gate
3. Forging The Ritual Keys
4. The Crack'd Bell
5. Cruel Swords Of The Slayer
6. Regressive Transmigratory Lethe

Ghoul -- "The Heirophant Doctrine" CD 2007

1. The Hierophant Doctrine

(both demos in one file)

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