Monday, 14 February 2011

Cadaver (Nor) -- "Hallucinating Anxiety" (Complete) 1990


Norway's CADAVER have always been one of my favourite Death Metal bands, their first two albums remain some of my most played. This, their debut, is a pungent slice of raw, necro Death Metal with an unusually fuzzy, almost Black Metal guitar sound.

The only CD release of this album was as a split with Swedish band CARNAGE, and due to time constraints, one track ("Hypertrophyan") was omitted that was otherwise available on the vinyl and cassette versions. Further confusion was compounded by an inaccurate tracklisting on all versions; the song "Erosive Fester" was not listed; and the intro and first song were combined into one track.

Since Earache have repeatedly stated they have no plans to reissue the album, I here exclusively present the DEFINITIVE and COMPLETE version of the album: a CD rip, with "Hypertrophyan" (mastered and cleaned from the cassette) restored to its rightful place, plus a corrected tracklist. I have also separated the intro from the first song, to avoid any further confusion.

Info (Metal Archives)

Cadaver (Nor) -- "Hallucinating Anxiety" (Complete version) 1990

01. Tuba (intro)
02. Ignominious Eczema
03. Corrosive Delerium
04. Erosive Fester
05. Hallucinating Anxiety
06. Cannibalistic Dissection
07. Hypertrophyan
08. Petrifyed Faces
09. Innominate
10. Twisted Collapse
11. Abnormal Deformity
12. Maelstrom
13. Mental Abherrance
14. Bodily Trauma

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I may do soon. I'm still wary of reuploading to another host.