Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tipa Gore (UK) -- "Durg" demo (1996)

TIPA GORE were a 3-piece band from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, who played an energetic form of funk-inspired Hardcore/Metal -- essentially what would later become known as Nu-Metal, though this was a good couple of years before that genre became oversaturated commercialised drivel. I put them on in Ashford a couple of times, and they were lovely guys. They even appeared on TV on the Johnny Vaughan show.

They did later release a CD, but I never had a copy.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

TIPA GORE (UK) -- "Durg" demo (1996)

1. Fudge Packet
2. Pressure
3. This Is Orange
4. Underlying Tones Of Weightlessness
5. Last

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