Sunday, 10 April 2011


A month or so ago I uploaded demos from Cruentus and Thus Defiled, both of whom played that dark sounding Von style early 90's Black Metal. This week I give to you another UK band from that era - Dead Christ. I first came into contact with the band in early 1993 when I traded demos with bass player Lothar Churchcrusher, and also reviewed their demo in my Crucifixion fanzine.
The band hail from Bristol and released 3 demos and finally a 7" entitiled Satan's Hunger on Greek based label Molon Lave Records.
What you can expect from Dead Christ is dirty dark Black Metal in the vein of Beherit, Varathron, Von and Blasphemy. The demo has a reasonable production quality and a good amount of tracks to get your teeth into. The band split in 1993 and Lothar went on to join Species. There were two inlay cards for this demo, the one you can see on the Metal Archives site and then an earlier one with totally different artwork. I have the earlier one which I have included as a quality scan in the folder. As usual, this is ripped in glorious 320kps for your listening pleasure so enjoy this one...


1) Intro (The Crumbling Cross)
2) Flesh Without Sin
3) Hymm Of The Satanic Empire
4) We Who Are Not Others
5) Lex Satanicus
6) Nocturnal Rites Of Blasphemy
7) The Hidden Sky
8) Outro (The Last Thrones Of Death)


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