Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Moondragon (UK) -- "Dream"

Last week I posted the "Synaesthesia" tape from these Cornish Psych/Punk crusties, so here's an earlier album by them. To my ears it isn't quite as good, being a little unrefined in comparison, but still well worth checking out.

Moondragon -- "Dream" CD (1991)

01. The Blue Boots Dub
02. The Tunnel
03. The Sight
04. The Beer
05. The Drum
06. Whats Going On
07. The Children
08. The Beguiled
09. The Dot
10. The Blue Boots Dub II
11. The Remembrance
12. Space
13. The Hand
14. The Massing
15. Intermission II

Note: this is the tracklisting printed on the inlay, which is inconsistent from track 4 onwards with the actual tracks. I've included a note in the RAR file that explains all...


(link updated 25/08/10)


Anonymous said...

I grew up on the Devon/Cornwall border.. saw this band so many times. I have the old cassettes but no way of transferring. Any chance you can re-up this, link is dead... would be great to hear them again.

balbulus said...

Sorry mate, only just seen this comment. Will re-up this album very soon. Watch this space... :-)

balbulus said...

Link updated. :-)

Anonymous said...

I got this fantastic album in CD by Breard of Stars (Italy)... I discovered a fantasctic band with a perfect equilibrium beetwen differt styles...amazing