Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Andrew Done -- "Earth Prayer"

Another surprisingly good offering from the New Age realm, this is an album of hypnotic tribal-influenced drumscapes (albeit programmed) augmented here and there by chants, plus some guitar and synth. When it gets going it reminds me in places of Tribal/Trance project The Ambush, who I posted earlier. It does occasionally stray on the side of cheesiness (especially some of the synth sounds) and the sound is overcompressed and slightly distorted, but on the whole this is great stuff.

Andrew Done -- "Earth Prayer" cassette (1992)

1. Medicine Man
2. Elf Dance
3. Free The Rain Forest
4. Crystal Cave
5. Earth Prayer
6. Elements
7. One Tribe
8. Seeds Of Life

(download link dead)

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