Monday, 11 May 2009

The Flow (UK)

As the inlay states, it's "90 mins of unique music + sound set to Didgeridu background", very hypnotic and meditative. I bought this tape in a New Age shop in Canterbury many years ago, and would dearly love to know more about whoever made it. There is a local Folkestone phone number, but I'm shit on the phone so never plucked up the courage to phone it -- feel free if you want, but bear in mind the tape comes from 1992 so it's probably an old number (plus the dialling code would now be 01303, not 0303!).

The Flow -- "The Flow" cassette (1992)

12 untitled tracks

Pt1 --
Pt2 --

In 2 parts due to large file size.


Greg said...

This stuff is great, really can't thank you enough for this.

Mike said...

Hiya Man... am really liking this and a few other things you've posted, am having probs extracting the second rar file... so I don't know if it's me or that the file is corrupted.

Anyway, good work.

balbulus said...

Hi Mike,

it seems to be fine. Providing you have both RAR files in the same place, extract the first one, and the 2nd one should extract automatically. Let me know if you still have problems.

gavgaf said...

hi john, just looking at it, it was a tape made by some of the trees/elemets members, the number is zippies house...hehehe..