Friday, 1 May 2009

Hybernoid -- "The Last Day Begins" (1994)

Another one I've already posted on Lockjaw, but it's such a great album I needed to post it here. Hybernoid were a great and unique band to emerge from the British underground scene of the early 90s, releasing 2 demos and 3 singles before this awesome slab of Industrial Doom/Death with some Gothic influences. This is one of my favourite albums from that period. After this album they ventured into more Ambient/Trance territory.

Info (Metal Archives)

"The Last Day Begins?" CD album (1994)

1. Revery
2. Reality Wave
3. World Of Ruin
4. Ash In The Sky
5. Permafrost
6. Life Fade
7. Akeldama
8. Skin
9. Mind/Liberty

(link updated 22/08/10)

I'm slowly compiling their other releases, I'll post them soon...


Anonymous said...

Hi mate ! Your rapidshare link is dead, could you re-up it ? Thanks !

balbulus said...

Link updated to MediaFire. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hybernoid official web page is now on facebook