Sunday, 3 May 2009

Electric Sex Circus (UK) -- "Spanner Badge" EP

Electric Sex Circus were a great energetic Alt-Punk band from Bexleyheath, Kent (UK). This was their only official release, but is fairly well known is some circles due to a couple of tracks being included on compilations. The guitarist Phil Avey later played in Tunbridge Wells Post-Rock outfit Unhome, and his cousin Ken played percussion in my old band Elemental.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Electric Sex Circus -- "Spanner Badge" EP (1990)

1. Spanner Badge
2. Soft
3. Cut Your Head Off

No cover, since it is plain black, though it has got advent-style windows. Buggered if I'm scanning THAT...!

I've also included two tracks ripped from their MySpace page:

4. China Chick
5. Flowers And Trees

(link updated 21/0810)


Anonymous said...

Could you maybe reupload this? I've been trying to find this forever! Thanks...

balbulus said...

I have reuploaded this to MediaFire -- enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Big thanx for information and upload! Panky Czech republic