Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Innards (UK) -- 2 demos + unreleased tracks

Innards were friends of mine from Ashford, Kent (UK), and played some great old-school Death Metal band with some Sabbath-esque Doom touches. I recently paid to have these demos remastered from the original master tapes, as I felt it was a crime for them to be forgotten. I've also compiled some unreleased live tracks of theirs.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Innards -- "Abdominal Congestion" demo (1992)

1. Gouge Pit
2. Abdominal Congestion
3. The End Is Nigh
4. Cardboard City

Innards -- "Greedmongers" demo (1994)

1. Transparent Lies
2. Mortified Carcass Mess
3. Born To Conform
4. Return


(link updated 24/01/11)

Innards -- unreleased live + rehearsal tracks

1. Hammered
2. Sack Of Shit
3. Icons Of Hate
4. Instrumental
5. The Stench Of Burning Death (REPULSION cover)
6. Neon Christ (NEON CHRIST cover)
7. No One Is Superior (rehearsal)


(link updated 26/01/11)

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