Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Groupa (Swe) -- "Utan Sans"

Excellent Swedish Folk music. I was introduced to this band by some good friends of mine, whose band Jacob's Ladder played a couple of their tunes. This is Groupa's third album, I also have another that I may post at some point soon. (I'm also after their second album "Vildhonung" -- anyone got it?)

Info (website)

Groupa -- "Utan Sans" (1988)

01. Utan Sans
02. Hacklek Och Chokladvals
03. Fastän
04. Blå Svit
05. Gåsmarschen
06. Bastuvalsen
07. Polkett
08. Imeland Och Grimeland
09. Grolåten
10. Avenyschottis
11. Vals



Jorgon Gorgon said...

I actually have all Groupa releases. Both Av bara Farten and Vildhonung are great, but they really strated getting great with Månskratt, in 1990 and from the on. I'll try to get it posted somewhere...

There is one nice one, a compilation called 15 years that you can get from noside.com (Some awesome Scandinavian music on that label!). cdroots.com carries some stuff as well.

balbulus said...

Hi Jorgon Gorgon,

Thanks for your comment, I'd be interested in any Groupa stuff you could post. I do have "Av Bara Farten", but only at 128 bitrate, so anything better would be cool. I haven't heard "Vildhonung" or the others at all.