Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Brian Howell (Can?) -- "Wind And Wood"

I picked up this little curiosity in a small head shop in Ottawa, whilst on holiday in Canada in 1994. The music found upon this intriguing cassette is a rich exploration of ethnic/tribal influences, including hypnotic percussion, meditative chanting and diverse string and wood instruments from around the world. In fact, I'll list them from the inlay: "Congas and other percussion, dulcimer, kalimba, berimbau, recorder, pan and bamboo flutes, kantele, harmonica, bass and voice."

After much searching I have still not been able to trace the artist responsible for this music. I discovered another Brian Howell in Texas who I thought was the one (he also played a variety of ethnic/folk instruments), but alas it was not he -- for a start he was too young to have recorded this in 1993!. I have however found a few references to a Brian Howell linked to the Black Lodge Singers (a Native American group), and this seems more likely to me. If anyone has any information about this artist, please get in touch.

Brian Howell -- "Wind And Wood" cassette (1993)

1. Sail Trilogy (Awaken / Seek / Horizon)
2. Drum Speak
3. Sideroad
4. Cave Trilogy (The One / Offering / Elements)
5. Hour Glass
6. Bedouin
7. Drum Speak
8. Another Momentum...


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