Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sarah Wexler -- "Helix"

In my late teens I went through a stage of exploring meditative music. I borrowed this cassette from my Mother, half expecting it to be the usual bland, soulless music normally associated with the New Age genre. She never got it back, as the music contained within is fantastic -- warm, rich and textural, created by flute, tablas and harp. Staring into a candle flame, I would lose myself in a brooding revery...

I have tried to find further information about the artist, but so far have failed.

Sarah Wexler -- "Helix" cassette (1987)

1. Sound Stream
2. Tabla Tracking
3. Helix
4. Aeolus Awakened
5. Ten To Five
6. Bamboo Dreams

(link updated 29/12/10)


-S. said...

Oh. WOW. I've been looking for this for YEARS! You are a saint.

BeautifulPyre said...

I also found this when I was a teen and borrowed it from my mother AND she never got it back. Amazing!


The story preceding the post made me want desperately this album. Unfortunately is no longer available. May you reupload it?
Thanx my friend. Greetings from Argentina.

balbulus said...

Thanks for your request, I will reupload it very soon, when I get time.

Keep watching! :-)

balbulus said...

Link finally updated! Sorry for the long delay. Hope you enjoy this album.

-S. said...

I'm so glad that other people are enjoying this music as much as I have over the years.

Velkaarn said...

I hadn't noticed this earlier. Let's give it a shot, the background story is nice.