Monday, 4 May 2009

Tribal Drift (UK) -- Demo 1994

Tribal Drift were an Ethno-Ambient/Trance/Dub group based around the hypnotic sound of the didgeridoo, an instrument I was fascinated by after discovering Crow (I sought out several bands that utilised the didgeridoo in their music, and I'll be posting a few more when I get round to it). After reading about this band in (of all places) NME, I finally saw them play at Glastonbury 1995, in a small tent powered by a guy on a bike!

The band later released a couple of CDs, but these didn't grab me as much as this tape.


Tribal Drift -- Demo tape (1994)

1. Deep In The Belly Of The Earth
2. Shiva
3. Friends, Lovers (Warm Like A Star)
4. Shanty
5. Void
6. Drifting Mixes (Belly/Within You/Ants/Fragile)

(Updated 3/7/10 -- new link)

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Anonymous said...

Any chance you could repost this please please? (Tribal Drift actually linked to this off their facebook page, which is how I found it. But it's no longer on mediafire.)

thanks a million! (I listened to this tape on the morning of my wedding day, it's about the only thing I can remember of the day lol. So it would be amazing to have it again)