Saturday, 13 June 2009

Relig Oran (UK) -- "The Dark Side" EP

Relig Oran are a fantastic Canterbury (UK) based band whose music takes in the tradition of English, Irish and Breton folk, mixes in the sound of the African kalimba, and adds a contemporary twist. They have requested that I post this for them. This EP is a couple of years old now, and features a different lineup from the current one. The original lineup was :

Andy Renshaw (Kalimba, Bodhrán, Percussion, Bass Pedals)
Gordon Jackson (Vocals, Mandola, Djembe)
Martin Sutcliffe (Melodeon, Bodhrán)

The current lineup is:

Andy Renshaw (Kalimba, Bodhrán, Percussion, Bass Pedals)
Martyn Kember-Smith (Fiddle)
Jem Scott (Guitar, Vocals, Bouzouki)

Info (website)

Relig Oran -- "The Dark Side EP" (2007)

1. Fairwell To Chatham / Emely
2. Ye Mariners All
3. Urra Moor / Morning Star / Boy In The Gap / Willafjord
4. Home By Barna
5. Billy Boy
6. Red Cow / Two Kerry Polkas

During the 90s, Andy Renshaw was a member of another folk/roots act Jacob's Ladder, as well as their more traditional folk incarnation Camine. I'm hoping to post the Jacob's Ladder album in the near future.


D. Jesenski said...

cheers man, great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic music! thanks for putting me onto this band.
regards, aria

balbulus said...

Thanks for your comments!