Sunday, 12 July 2009

Melodium (Fra)

As you may have gathered, I'm having a bit of an Electronica phase at the moment; rediscovering lots of stuff I was into some years ago when I listened to the John Peel show on Radio 1. I was planning to post Melodium's excellent "Silica" 7" EP (pictured above), and had spent the evening cleaning up the tracks on my PC.

However, I've just stumbled across the Melodium website, where for 9 euros you can buy a CDr of his early singles (including "Silica") and compilation tracks entitled "10 years", so I've decided to promote this instead. Also on the website is an extensive mp3 jukebox of selected tracks from Melodium's 10 year career, plus an unreleased EP to download for free. I strongly recommend you visit the website and help support this excellent and prolific artist.

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