Monday, 23 August 2010

Olga (USA) -- Demo 1998

A very obscure and pleasant little discovery in my demo collection -- I have no recollection of hearing this until now, and I'm not sure where I got it, though I suspect it was in a bulk-buy from a distro many years ago. It's a short demo, just over four and a half minutes over two tracks, but I'm absolutely intrigued by the music within -- simple, hypnotic acoustic guitar lines underlaid with strange and eerie synth sounds and textures. I suppose Neo-Folk/Dark Ambient would be the closest label to apply.

I managed to track down the man behind Olga, and apparently this was the only release; but he has recently resurrected the project under the new name of Goldhail, venturing in a more Post-Rock/Shoegaze direction. He also plays in a great Alt-Rock/Metal band called The Nolan Gate. Check them both out.

As for now, however, the Olga demo is highly recommended. 4 minutes of intriguing and mysterious music.

Olga -- demo (1998)

1. Damnation
2. Spirits

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Velkaarn said...

This was good, thanks for sharing! I'll need to read your blog more. Much approved.