Friday, 20 August 2010

Abraxas (pre-Endura) -- "Hexe"

I thought I had lost this tape, and so was pleased when it came to light. Abraxas is the band that went on to become Dark Ambient/Industrial legends Endura (or Endvra). Really dark, disturbing ambience and soundscapes, with ritualistic chanting and samples of serial killers. Side 1 of this tape (tracks 1-5) was reworked for the first Endura album "Dreams Of Dark Waters", but Side 2 is otherwise unreleased.

I've had a search around, and at the time of writing this seems to be an exclusive.

Abraxas -- "Hexe" cassette (1993)

Side 1

01. Dreams Of Dark Waters
02. Intra-Uterine Sabbat
03. Colours
04. Twilyte Language
05. Nailed To The Cross Of Pluto

Side 2

06. Magdalene
07. Death On Women
08. Cadeau La Mort
09. Fresh Grief Blues
10. Undine

The inlay scans are not mine.


Jac-q said...

I can't believe someone uploaded this. You are a legend! I have the other two tapes but not this one.

balbulus said...

I didn't realise they did any other tapes. Any chance of sharing them?


psycho_gcv said...

Another amazing post and one I've been looking for
a looooooong long time!