Saturday, 28 January 2012

Elemental (UK) -- rehearsal demos

A bit of a personal post this; Elemental was my first proper band (not counting a couple of dodgy Grunge/Thrash covers bands that only gigged once each), based in Ashford, Kent between 1996 and 1998. We played heavy Psychedelic Rock, with smatterings of Metal, Punk and Ambient thrown into the mix. Our set mainly consisted of effects-laden guitar instrumentals based around half-formed structures, largely inspired by Ozric Tentacles and local band Crow. There were some good ideas and riffs in there, but our main problem was that I was trying a bit TOO hard to sound like Crow.

These rehearsal recordings vary in quality. The first 3 were released on a tape that we gave to a few friends, the rest remain largely unheard. "Overdose" even features a rare vocal performance from myself. You have been warned.

Also included are a couple of recent solo reworkings of other Elemental tunes; I have always intended to revisit the Elemental material with the intention of making it into what it SHOULD have sounded like...

The last track is a recording of a one-off rehearsal featuring 2 ex-Elemental members. Not bad for a track that was written and recorded in about 3 hours.

On the whole, these recordings will probably only be of interest to those of you who delight in obscure and badly-recorded underground music.

Elemental -- Rehearsal demos

Rehearsal demo 1996
1. Drift
2. Jamaican Rust
3. Pale Lounge Lizard

from Rehearsal demo 1997
4. Overdose
5. Positive/Negative
6. Drift v.2

Balbulus solo demos
7. Rust (Balbulus demo 2005?)
8. ...And The Stream Flows On... (taken from the Balbulus demo "Stormprayer" 2008)

9. JMBW Rehearsal 1998/9?

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