Thursday, 18 October 2012

Loremaster (US) -- Temple Of The Oracle

Another offering from the realm of Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient; I'm a little obsessed with this area of music at the moment. Loremaster is an interesting little obscurity I discovered recently whilst trawling BandCamp for Dungeon Synth releases. I personally think it falls within the bounds of DS, however some of you may disagree.  It is certainly more relaxing and meditative than most DS, as well as less obviously "synthy".

Despite the Northern European theme of the cover illustration (a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry), the music it represents has (to me) more of a classical Mediterranean feel. The 3 lengthy tracks give me the feeling of slowly walking around an ancient deserted temple, maybe Greek or Egyptian; the dusty gloom is penetrated by faint beams of sunlight; the stale air holds an almost subliminal hint of exotic incense long faded. You are surrounded by soft tones and slow sensual melodies, the deep drone of low horns, softly plucked strings and sparse reverbating percussion. During the first 2 tracks, there is no oppressive threat, no ghostly eeriness, no triumphant warmongering; just a sense of great age and the lingering memory of forgotten rituals. The third track is somewhat more ominous in tone than the other two. Maybe your contemplative explorations have unwittingly roused the sleeping god to whom the temple is dedicated. Or maybe my imagination is getting the better of me...

In some ways this album reminds me of the Sarah Wexler tape I posted a few years back, it has the same dreamy meditative feel. It also has echoes of some of the more ambient moments of Trial Of The Bow (who I also posted some time ago).

For those among you who enjoy letting your mind wander down long-deserted corridors, Loremaster is much recommended.

Loremaster -- "Temple Of The Oracle" (2012)
1. Temple of the Oracle
2. Inquisitor
3. Sigil of the One God

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Velkaarn said...

These are interesting tips, thanks! Have you gotten the Dolch & Olgard stuff Weaver sent me? Especially Dolch is good.

I now regret I got so fed up with these projects back in late 90's and instead moved on to neofolk and such. Well, not regretting the neofolk but not having more obscure DS things dubbed when I had the chance.

balbulus said...

Yes, I've checked out most of the DS stuff I can find now. Good stuff all of it!

I know what you mean, I pretty much ignored DS for years. I'm making up for lost time now though!