Sunday, 12 July 2009

Avrocar (UK) -- early singles

Avrocar are a band from Birmingham (UK) who fuse Post-Rock, Psychedelia, Krautrock and Electronica into a sublime and dreamy whole. Eternal washes of guitar texture enhance minimalistic beats and rhythms, with soft murmured vocals.

I also have their debut CD "Cinematography", which I may post once I've established whether or not it is still available to buy.

Info (MySpace)

All tracks now in one RAR file, link at bottom of post.

Avrocar -- "Screen" 7" (1997)

1. Screen
2. Ueno

3. Screen (CD rip)

Track 3 is the CD rip of "Screen" from the "Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm" compilation.

Avrocar -- "Hold" 7" (1998)

1. Hold
2. Barnard's Star

Avrocar -- "Farwest Rider" 7" (1998)

1. Farwest Rider
2. Angel's Amongst Us
3. Christina's World

Avrocar -- "Tetra"

1. Tetra

This is a track from the "Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm" which was also released on "An Earworm Evening" 7"

Avrocar -- Split w/ Magnétophone (1999)

1. Coil

This is just the mp3, the cover scans are in the Magnétophone half of the split (see the Magnétophone post).

All the above singles are now in one RAR file:

Melodium (Fra)

As you may have gathered, I'm having a bit of an Electronica phase at the moment; rediscovering lots of stuff I was into some years ago when I listened to the John Peel show on Radio 1. I was planning to post Melodium's excellent "Silica" 7" EP (pictured above), and had spent the evening cleaning up the tracks on my PC.

However, I've just stumbled across the Melodium website, where for 9 euros you can buy a CDr of his early singles (including "Silica") and compilation tracks entitled "10 years", so I've decided to promote this instead. Also on the website is an extensive mp3 jukebox of selected tracks from Melodium's 10 year career, plus an unreleased EP to download for free. I strongly recommend you visit the website and help support this excellent and prolific artist.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Church Steps (USA) -- "Jewelry" EP

As promised in my last post, here's more from The Church Steps. This release is based more in delicate fragile Post Rock than Electronica. The standout track by far is the hauntingly hypnotic "Mathematical Tongue (live)".

The Church Steps -- "Jewelry" EP (1999)

1. Cal/Kearny
2. LT-5
3. Manchester
4. Warehd
5. Mathematical Tongue (live)

edit: on closer inspection, track 4 may be titled "Wavehd", the artwork is unclear. Discogs has it as "Warehd", but I doubt that's from an official source. I'm now leaning towards "Wavehd". So you may need to alter the mp3 name.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Church Steps (USA) -- Brisbane Cats 7"

Another Electronica/Post-Rock act introduced to me by John Peel, around the same time as Magnétophone (see previous post). An interesting single/EP full of distressed, distorted rhythms, subtle guitar melodies and buried textures. I also have The Jewelry EP CD somewhere, I'll post that when I dig it out.

Info (Facebook page)

The Church Steps -- "Brisbane Cats" 7" (2000)

1. Brisbane Cats
2. Bright Lice
3. Chicago's Lightest Jazz

Monday, 6 July 2009

Magnétophone (UK) -- early singles

Another of my Peel-inspired finds, Magnétophone are an Electronica duo from Birmingham (UK). Ranging from abstract Autechre/Aphex Twin territory through to hazy psychedelic textures a la Boards Of Canada, fusing sputtering rhythms to melancholic synth lines, jittery tape loops and samples.

This smattering of singles was released before they signed to arty indie label 4AD, for whom they have recorded 2 albums (recently posted on the excellent §ĬÇҜИ ΛБΘЏИЧ blog).

Reverse order of release.

All tracks are now in one RAR file, link at bottom of post

Magnétophone -- "Temporary Lid" EP (1999)

1. Frankholmes' Drive
2. Double Leopard
3. Temporary Lid
4. I'm In Control Here

Magnétophone -- split 7" w/ AVROCAR (1999)

1. Lights In The Eye

I'm aiming to post some Avrocar stuff soon, so I'll include the Avrocar half of the split then.

Magnétophone -- "Air Methods" 7" (1998)

1. Air Methods
2. Fulm

Magnétophone -- "You Should Write Music" 7" (1998)

1. You Should Write Music
2. Monitor Rocket Science

Note: track 1 has a skip in the middle. Luckily, the track is featured on the "Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm" CD compilation, so I have included the CD rip as track 3.

3. You Should Write Music (CD rip)

All the above singles are now in one RAR file: 

and finally...

Magnétophone / Plone -- Live in Birmingham 24/05/00

This was my introduction to Magnétophone, a live radio broadcast on the John Peel show of a gig featuring Magnétophone, Plone and Broadcast at the Irish Centre in Digbeth, Birmingham. Alas, I no longer have the Broadcast set. The quality isn't perfect, as I was living in an area with poor radio reception. Some great Peel banter before and after. The man was a God.

mp3 (no RAR)



Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Aphex Twin -- Live @ Glastonbury 97

Been listening to Aphex Twin for the first time in ages; he was one of the first Ambient/Techno/whatever artists I got into when I was 17, and is still one of my favourite artists. I found this link online, it's a recording of his set in the Dance Tent at Glastonbury 1997, which was the first time I saw him live. The only thing that puzzles me is that I'm sure I remember him playing "Heliosphan", and it isn't here, so either this is incomplete or my memory is playing tricks with me.

Aphex Twin -- "Live @ Glastonbury 27/06/97"

File is one long mp3 (no ZIP or RAR)