Sunday, 27 February 2011


Here is one of my favourite UK bands of the early 90's. The Fallen were one of the few Black Metal bands from the UK at the time along with my band Witchclan, Xaztur, Immanis, Thus Defiled, Dead Christ and a handful of others. 

This is the only demo that they released before folding and I was sent this promo copy from their vocalist Aggressor in trade for Witchclan's 1993 promo tape. The sound on the tape is fairly good and features a good few songs to get your teeth into. If you like your Black Metal then this one is for you, it's pretty rare as I don't think all that many were made so lap it up and get it here, I haven't seen it on any other blogs.

As always it's been ripped in 320kps and the folder includes a scan of the cover. Enjoy...


1. Disciple Of Fire
3. Black Metal Holocaust
4. I Burn
5. Sombre Toll Of Funeral Bells

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Here's something special for you all, one of my prize demo tapes and probably one of the rarest that I own. This has had a lot of play from me over the years and is still one that I listen to fairly regularly, now it's time to share it with the Metal community.

For  those who don't know, Treblinka were a Swedish Death Metal band that had an 80's Black Metal influence who released two demos before changing their name to Tiamat and signing to Metal Core for the release of their debut Sumerian Cry in 1990.
This is their second demo tape, The Sign Of The Pentagram which features four songs that appeared on Sumerian Cry. Treblinka had progressed vast amounts on this demo and when you compare it to their previous effort, Crawling In Vomits you can really hear the difference in musicianship and quality. I also own Crawling In Vomits and will be uploading this in the coming weeks.

If you like Swedish Death Metal that wasn't a clone of Nihilist or Carnage then this is for you. Ripped directly from the tape and as always includes a quality scan of the inlay in the folder. Enjoy this one.


1. Nocturnal Funeral
2. Evilized
3. Necrophagous Shadows
4. Mould In Hell

Monday, 14 February 2011

Cadaver (Nor) -- "Hallucinating Anxiety" (Complete) 1990


Norway's CADAVER have always been one of my favourite Death Metal bands, their first two albums remain some of my most played. This, their debut, is a pungent slice of raw, necro Death Metal with an unusually fuzzy, almost Black Metal guitar sound.

The only CD release of this album was as a split with Swedish band CARNAGE, and due to time constraints, one track ("Hypertrophyan") was omitted that was otherwise available on the vinyl and cassette versions. Further confusion was compounded by an inaccurate tracklisting on all versions; the song "Erosive Fester" was not listed; and the intro and first song were combined into one track.

Since Earache have repeatedly stated they have no plans to reissue the album, I here exclusively present the DEFINITIVE and COMPLETE version of the album: a CD rip, with "Hypertrophyan" (mastered and cleaned from the cassette) restored to its rightful place, plus a corrected tracklist. I have also separated the intro from the first song, to avoid any further confusion.

Info (Metal Archives)

Cadaver (Nor) -- "Hallucinating Anxiety" (Complete version) 1990

01. Tuba (intro)
02. Ignominious Eczema
03. Corrosive Delerium
04. Erosive Fester
05. Hallucinating Anxiety
06. Cannibalistic Dissection
07. Hypertrophyan
08. Petrifyed Faces
09. Innominate
10. Twisted Collapse
11. Abnormal Deformity
12. Maelstrom
13. Mental Abherrance
14. Bodily Trauma

320 kps

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Seventythree (UK) -- Demo 1995

SEVENTYTHREE were a band from the Thanet area of Kent during the first half of the 1990s, known for most of their existence under their old name DECEITFUL BOW. Live, they were a dynamic Alt-Rock/Metal act, but this demo was deliberately more restrained in an effort to get them more gigs. The 3 (untitled) tracks are more in an Indie vein, with a laid-back Jazz/Funk feel in places. There is some inspired guitar work on show here, plus some great stream-of-consciousness lyrics.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Seventythree (UK) -- Demo 1995

1. unknown title 1
2. unknown title 2
3. unknown title 3

(New cleaner rip, updated 11/02/11)

Tipa Gore (UK) -- "Durg" demo (1996)

TIPA GORE were a 3-piece band from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, who played an energetic form of funk-inspired Hardcore/Metal -- essentially what would later become known as Nu-Metal, though this was a good couple of years before that genre became oversaturated commercialised drivel. I put them on in Ashford a couple of times, and they were lovely guys. They even appeared on TV on the Johnny Vaughan show.

They did later release a CD, but I never had a copy.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

TIPA GORE (UK) -- "Durg" demo (1996)

1. Fudge Packet
2. Pressure
3. This Is Orange
4. Underlying Tones Of Weightlessness
5. Last

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sun (UK) -- Demo 1996

SUN (later changed to A BAND CALLED SUN due to legal issues regarding the name) were a great band from Whitstable, Kent, who played an interesting fusion of Psychedelic Dub/Funk with a hint of Blues. This demo was recorded as a four piece, though they later recruited a frontwoman which gave them a much more commercial sound. I may upload a later CD at some point soon, though I prefer this demo.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Sun (UK) -- Demo 1996

1. Baby
2. Bitter
3. Go Wasted
4. Newage

(new cleaner rip, updated 12/02/11)