Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mangled Dehumanization (UK)

Mangled Dehumanization was a recording project of Lee Barrett, founder of Candelight Records and ex-bassist for Extreme Noise Terror, To-Mera and Disgust. He recorded these two brief tracks of primitive and rudimentary Death Metal in 2002 using "a £10 mic, an old drum machine, and no clue of what I was doing" (his words!). This was never officially released, and only came to light recently when Lee was cleaning out his garage! I have ripped these tracks from Lee's YouTube videos; I have no idea whether the abrupt endings are intentional or not, but they add to the raw, primitive feel.

Mangled Dehumanization -- Demo

1. Ultra Nuclear Destruction
2. Orgy Of The Damned


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Anonymous said...

Hah! I think I remember this from the days of I think he had also put up a cover of "Enemy Alliance" (Nausea (?)).