Monday, 21 May 2012

Wedding (UK) -- Demo 2011

Wedding hail from Margate, Kent. I caught them last Friday at a gig in Ashford, and I was impressed enough to give them a bit of promotion here. A two-piece lineup up of bass/vocals and drums, they certainly made a formidable noise. Musically, I would probably file this under Post-Hardcore or Noisecore, but I'm sure there are myriads of new genre-tags that I'm not even aware of these days. The songs are short and to the point, mainly hovering around the minute mark (harking back to Grindcore ethics), consisting of distorted bass melodies backed by punchy and fluent drumming, all topped with strained hardcore vocals. The prominent bass does give it all a bit of a post-punk/rock/whatever feel, which I think is what caught my attention.

Wedding -- Demo 2011

01. No Intro
02. Smash Kings
03. Dogs
04. Christmas Party
05. David Watts
06. We're New and We'll See
07. Cool Town is Big Town
08. Pathetico Madrid
09. Air Conditioning
10. Istanbul
11. Wicked and Bad

Download it for free here:

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Wedding Musicians said...

I've to admit this really is not bad. In fact, they are enjoyable.