Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nàda (SWZ) -- "KomAmoK" EP

New Nàda! And it has evaded my radar for almost a year! Close followers of this blog will know that I have always held Swiss tribal industrialists Nàda in great esteem; their debut album "Celmètra" was one of my first posts, and their 2nd album "Ùr" has become one of my favourite albums ever. When I posted Remo Seeland's post-Nàda project Hollow Bone, I assumed Nàda had been laid to rest forever. However, they released this new 10" EP late last year, and it is available for free download from their SoundCloud page.

These 2 tracks are certainly very interesting; "KomA" is a fairly restrained sombre piece, featuring textural sounds with occasional bursts of power. "AmoK" is more immediate and primal, evoking tribal sludge kings Neurosis at their finest.

I have no idea if this is the final burst of life from Nàda, or if there is more to come... here's hoping.

Nàda "KomAmoK" EP (2011)

1. KomA
2. AmoK

free download from:

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