Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ego Death (UK) - Decay EP

You know those times when you're wading uphill through a torrent of viscous neon tar that's oozing slowly downwards, with the hot sun scorching the skin off your back, and you reach the top and lie down for a rest beneath a gently oscillating fan?

And you know those other times when you're nailed to the underside of a high-speed train with your ear right next to the screeching wheels, and your flesh is being lacerated by the gravel and sleepers between the tracks as you hurtle through the Kent countryside?

Well, both of these everyday scenarios have been perfectly conjured in sonic form by Folkestone-based noise/power-electronics artist Ego Death (aka Alex Terry) on his recent "Decay" EP, and that's just the first two tracks. All four tracks are awash with a fat, squelchy, moist distortion that sounds like it could be severely damaging to your health.

Ego Death is another part of the small local scene I have recently become aware of, and Alex is co-founder of the new Vanity Pill Tapes label along with Reece Green from Flesh Prison/Other Life.
This EP will soon be released on cassette through Vanity Pill, but until then can be heard at:

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